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  • The Application Of Magnesium Alloy Materials In Lightweight Robots

    With the development of modern industry, the types and application fields of robots continue to expand. According to the classification of modern robots, robots can be divided into professional service robots and household service robots. The PTJ processing robot parts industry is also booming.


  • The Difference Between 3+2 Positioning Machining And 5-axis Machining

    The PTJ team was established in 2007 and has long been committed to the processing of high-precision, high-difficulty, and easily deformable metal and plastic parts, the small and medium-sized production and manufacturing of light alloy and composite materials (such as aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, etc.) parts, and the procurement of robot parts With customized services. Next, what are the advantages of 3+2 positioning machining and five-axis machining by PTJ?


  • Why Are Aero Engine Blades Designed As Loose Structures?

    Aerospace engines are known as the jewel in the crown of modern industry. Their output power is amazing. Aero engines weighing only a few tons can propel passenger planes weighing dozens of tons and hundreds of tons. Generally speaking, the manufacturing cost of aero-engines accounts for about 30% of the total manufacturing cost, and the importance is self-evident.


  • How To Choose The Sealing Method In The Machining Design

    The sealing problem of equipment always exists with the operation of the equipment. Today PTJ specially sorted out the various sealing forms, use ranges and characteristics commonly used on equipment for everyone. They are packing seal, mechanical seal, dry gas seal, labyrinth seal, oil seal, dynamic seal and spiral seal.


  • Efficient Machining Of Titanium Alloy Aircraft Parts

    Titanium alloy has the advantages of low density and corrosion resistance, and is widely used in the construction of aircraft bodies, but it is prone to deformation during cnc machining, and the machining accuracy is difficult to guarantee. Therefore, it is necessary to use advanced modern technology and perfect infrastructure to formulate effective machining procedures, and ultimately improve the overall machining efficiency and quality through CNC machining equipment. In-depth analysis combined with titanium alloy machining methods is aimed at improving the machining efficiency of related parts.


  • Program Features of CNC Turning Process and Optimization

    The characteristics of CNC turning processing technology are mainly discussed from the aspects of determining the positioning datum of parts processing, the requirements of CNC machining on the blank, the experience of process division, the selection of cutting tools and cutting parameters.


  • New Technology Of Die-Casting Mold Surface Treatment

    Die-casting molds are a large category of molds. With the rapid development of the world's automobile and motorcycle industry, the die-casting industry has ushered in a new era of development. At the same time, higher requirements are put forward for the comprehensive mechanical properties and life of die-casting molds.


  • CNC Machining Technology of Sealed Pipe Taper Thread

    The CNC machining technology of sealing pipe taper threads is discussed, the current standards of Chinese pipe threads are explained, the characteristics, process analysis and program design of sealing pipe taper threads are explained in detail, and the processing is combined with specific examples. The technology has been systematically analyzed in order to provide reference for the needs of relevant parties.


  • The Machining Method Of Constant Velocity Plane Spiral Surface

    When the contour curve of the straight forming surface on the workpiece is more complicated, it has not only straight lines and arcs, but also curves with other shapes, such as constant velocity spirals, constant acceleration and constant deceleration spirals, certain regular function curves and irregular When it is composed of non-functional curves, it can be called a complex forming surface.


  • The Functions And Characteristics Of Precision Parts Machining Indexable Milling Cutters

    There are many structures and varieties of indexable milling cutters, including various cemented carbide indexable face milling cutters, end mills, slot milling cutters, forming milling cutters and crankshaft milling cutters, etc.


  • The Elements Of Affect The Turn-mill Machine Tools Machining Accuracy

    For high-speed precision turning and milling machine tools, the spindle system is an electric spindle structure, and the machining accuracy of the machine tool depends to a large extent on the accuracy of the machine tool electric spindle system and is affected by the accuracy of the tool.


  • The Advantages Of Turn-Mill Machining

    There are two main forms of Turn-Mill machining: contour machining when the workpiece is parallel to the tool axis; surface machining when the workpiece is perpendicular to the tool axis.


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