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Simple to complex part cnc & swiss machining services for Inconel component. 

Inconel is a Ni-Fe-Cr high temperature alloy invented by the International Nickel Company in the 1950s. This is a precipitation hardening alloy that can exhibit high yield stress and strong resistance to fatigue and creep. Because of its high oxidation resistance and high strength in high temperature environments, Inconel is widely used in the aerospace industry, especially as a material for gas turbine engine wheels.

Inconel is a nickel alloy making it more difficult to machine without causing the component to work harden. Over 10 years of experience machining large Inconel parts of various grades has allowed us to conquer this challenge.

Our Machining Inconel Tips is using its distinctive properties, we adjust the production process while maximizing efficiency to produce quality parts for our customers.

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Machining Inconel 600
Machining Inconel 625
Machining Inconel 718

Inconel Machining Material

  •     Inconel 600
  •     Inconel 625
  •     Inconel 718
  •     Inconel 750

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