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Unique value&Proposition

 To delight our customers and earn their trust by providing
flexible scheduling and quick response for their ever changing needs

We provide savings through our shipping and vendor managed stocking programs. 
We reduce time and effort and avoid surprises by communicating from order receipt through order delivery. 
We simplify their buying experience by providing multiple in-house processes and managing outside services. This one-stop shop approach eliminates lead time and satisfies our customer's challenging machine part needs.

Quality Assurance

 We use customized because it is the most widely used and trusted software designed specifically for custom manufacturers, job shops, and high-tech shops.
All job tracking information is logged into our system at the initiation of each customer order. The entire process is then tracked through delivery to ensure commitment dates are met.

Quality & Lean manufacturing

 The PTJ factory not only holds ISO 9001:2015 certification, but also operates in compliance with the Government’s MIL-I-45208A standards and Mil. Spec for CARC painting and welding.
These certifications and registrations verify the devotion we put towards the quality of our products.
In conjunction with several manufacturing partners,we are also implementing the principles and practices of LEAN Manufacturing.
This means we strive to eliminate waste, optimize efficiency, and commit to a program of continuous improvement

Machine Parts Made for you...
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Customer recognition

 As a result of these principles, The PTJ factory has been recognized by customers as an outstanding supplier of quality machined parts.

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