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Special Packaging Line

 At The PTJ factory, raw material delivery and production process scheduling are managed through our customized ERP job tracking system to  ensure on-time delivery to customers.
Special packaging line length up to 10 meters.
At most, there are 12 packaging workers hand-packed

Quality Assurance

 We use customized because it is the most widely used and trusted software designed specifically for custom manufacturers, job shops, and high-tech shops. All job tracking information is logged into our system at the initiation of each customer order. The entire process is then tracked through delivery to ensure commitment dates are met.


Inventory Control

 We have more than ten years of cooperation with suppliers, and the production effect is high. CNC machining parts are basically inventories, except for some stamping parts.
The usual material storage and samples and the registration of CNC parts will be placed on the shelves of the warehouse.

Machine Parts Made for you...
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 However, the backup of the samples and other products sent by the customer will be registered and used to prepare the customer for the next order opening.


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