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Powder Metallurgy Mold - FESIAL Die & Custom Soft Magnetic Ferrite Mould Manufacturer. 

What Is Powder Metallurgy Mold?The raw materials used in powder metallurgy products are extremely fine granular powders, such as cemented carbide, ceramics and soft magnetic ferrite products. The production process of the products is to first press the powder with a certain performance into a blank with powder metallurgy mold, and then load it into the kiln. Sintered at a certain temperature. According to different product types, shapes, sizes and performance requirements, the molding methods are also different.

At present, the commonly used powder metallurgy dry pressing methods are: floating pull-down compression, differential pull-down compression, and stretch-out compression. Among them, floating pull-down suppression and differential pull-down suppression belong to two-way suppression, and stretch-out suppression belongs to one-way suppression.

Donguan PTJ Hardware specialize in manufacturing precise powder metallurgy molds. It is one of the most professional enterprise in making powder pressing die, also it has more strong capacity for develop, design, and manufacture independently. The molds are widely covered metal, nonmetal product molds, automobile, motorcycle molds, precision stamping dies, precision cavity dies, jigs, fixtures and the standard parts of the mold. And the products are made by the mold widely used in the below industry come to powder metallurgy ,auto part, precision electric , precision ceramic ,magnetic material, plastics, rubber products as well as injection molding, die-casting, forging and so on. The precision of the mold is very high, it can reach within 0.002mm, the class of precision gear mold can reach DIN(ISO)4, also the precision of the finished gear parts can reach the standard DIN(ISO) 5, sure, it has a very high and advanced standard in the inland.

Powder Metallurgy Mold In China

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PTJ Provide Project For Powder Metallurgy Mold

Service Project 
Precision Connector Molds Dimensional Accuracy
Up to 0.001mm
CNC Machining
Highest possible mirror
Powder Metallurgy Mold
Up to 0.003mm
Stamping Mould
Up to 0.002mm
Ceramic Molds
The inner hole tolerance
The minimum  0.005mm
Electronic Mould
Straight flute
The narrowest 0.1x100mm
Cold Forming Mold
The thickness of the size
Minimum to 0.02mm
Titanium Powder Metallurgy
The screw thread
Minimum internal thread M2
Aluminium Powder Metallurgy
Up to 0.004mm
Iron Powder Metallurgy
The linear tolerance
Up to 0.001mm
Copper Powder Metallurgy
The smallest aperture
The minimum 0.07mm

Machining Capabilities and Services Offered

Different FeSiAl dies are fully covered and dies of any ton grade and shape can be designed and produced in a one-stop mode. 12 different tonnages are optional. The dies are designed in a reasonable engineering manner and all dies have put into normal production. No die drawing and explosion occurs. Dies can be customized according to the parameters of the customer’s presses.

Founded in 2008, PTJ has operated for 13 years and has experiences in material application and powder metallurgy forming technology for 13 years and 8 months. The performance-price ratio of our products is superior to the mean level of the industry. Our products can create benefits for downstream manufacturers.

  •      FeSiAl-die |loop type, bar type, rectangle type, square type, hexagon type, octagon type, EE type, D type, ellipse type, lunette type, I type, U type, E type, etc.
  •      Powder forming machine-die |nickel zinc, magnesium zinc product (DR type, R type and SIR type), manganese (T type, grid chromium small T fastener, EE type, EC type, EP type, EPC, EQ, PQ, EOC, RM , ETD, etc.)
  •      Other powder metallurgy- die |NdFeB, ferrite Magnet, etc.

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PTJ Shop is ISO9001:2015 CERTIFIED,Welcome to send your inquiry or custom designs of powder metallurgy mold to be made, we’ll send you a free quote within 24 hours in working days and work out a schedule for recording the progress. For more information or requests of your powder metallurgy mold,please send email to :sales@pintejin.com.give us a try,we are ready to quote your program today

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