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  • The Technology Range And Machining Accuracy Of Combined Lathes

    The combination lathe is mainly used for two types of processes: plane machining and hole processing. Plane machining includes sharp plane, pigeon (profit) plane, car end face;


  • Why use inconel 718 to manufacturing aircraft parts

    A long time ago, people began to use broaching methods to process tongue and groove on gas turbine disks. The blade is fixed on the turbine disk through a tongue and groove. However, broaching will cause changes in the structure of the surface and underlying layers of the turbine disk, which will affect the fatigue resistance of the wheel.


  • How To Use Matercam To Replace N95 Mask Machine Shaft

    Transfer the drawing file to the software, and place it as shown in the following figure. How to place the actual processing, the corresponding setting in the software can be.


  • What Is CNC Boring?

    CNC machining boring refers to expanding or refining the original holes on the workpiece. The boring characteristics of CNC machining are to correct the eccentricity of the lower hole, obtain the precise hole position, and obtain high-precision roundness, cylindricality and surface finish. Therefore, boring is often used in the final process.


  • Formation Of Propeller Blades And Their Geometric Features In Section

    Since the propeller is a free-form surface part, its shape is complicated. To plan the machining plan of the propeller, we must first analyze its geometric characteristics.


  • Machining Conditions And Stability Of Titanium Alloy Parts

    Titanium alloy parts have the characteristics of low density and good corrosion resistance, so they have also become ideal structural materials for aerospace engineering. However, there are many factors that affect its machinability at the same time. This is because the metallurgical properties and material properties of titanium alloys may have a serious impact on the cutting effect and the material itself.


  • Quench Cool Casting Of Copper Propellers

    In the past, nickel-aluminum-bronze marine propeller casting is a casting method in which a molten copper alloy of a propeller is poured into a sand mold, and the casting is cooled to normal temperature before being taken out of the mold.


  • Features And Design Of Propeller Shaft Forging Process

    The main characteristics of propeller shaft forging are the large diameter of the flange and the length of the shaft body. Three forging schemes have been determined according to the shape of the forgings and the conditions of the existing hydraulic presses in the factory:


  • Cnc Machining And Manual Machining Of Marine Propellers

    What is the difference and definition between CNC machining and manual machining propellers? This article tells you, follow PTJ Shop, a factory focused on precision machining of propeller parts


  • Process For Repairing Slag Inclusion Defect Of Copper Propeller

    The marine propeller is also called the thruster, which is an important casting of the ship's power plant and an important device to ensure the safe navigation of the ship.


  • How To Draw Cnc Machined Part Drawing?

    When designing, mapping, or drawing a machine or component, you must draw a part drawing. The accuracy of the parts drawing directly affects the performance of the machine or component.


  • Smelting And Pouring Of Large Copper Alloy Propellers

    Combined with the large-scale propeller casting process design, consider appropriate process parameters such as shrinkage, deformation, and processing volume; the use of multi-furnace smelting, control of reasonable melting temperature, degassing process, and pouring temperature are prerequisites for ensuring the smooth casting.


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