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  • The Molding Method Of Industrial Ceramic Machining

    Mechanical accessories made of modern industrial ceramics are widely used in military ceramics, textile ceramics, electronic and electrical ceramics, etc. So do you know how industrial ceramics are formed? What are the methods? Kezhong Ceramics will tell you.


  • The Reference For Lost Foam Castings Cost Accounting

    Cost analysis is very simple and can include two aspects, namely cost increase factors and cost reduction factors. The difference between these two factors is the amount of cost increase or decrease after the lost foam casting process is adopted.


  • The Application Of Intelligent Production In Lost Foam

    Our company began to study intelligent production in 2014, and many research results have been practically applied to our products. Especially in December 2020, our company signed an intelligent lost foam production line with Maanshan Haitian Heavy Industry, which will fully apply our intelligent production products in recent years to this production line.


  • The Role Of Coatings In Lost Foam Casting Production Process

    A special drying room is used to increase and maintain the temperature of the drying room by burning coal, gas, electric power, geothermal, steam, etc., and special equipment is used to discharge moisture to achieve the effect of dehydration, dehumidification and drying.


  • The Different Application Areas Of Stamped Shrapnel

    Hardware precision shrapnel belongs to metal stamping parts, which is a kind of machine spring parts that work on elasticity. It belongs to the category of electronic hardware materials. The hardware precision shrapnel is made of stainless steel or manganese after heat treatment


  • The Cleaning Method Of Industrial Manipulator

    China is a big manufacturing country, and traditional production dividends are slowly disappearing. The replacement of manual production by machines has become an inevitable trend in social development, and industrial robots also play an important role. In order to ensure the normal performance of the robot, the user must regularly maintain and clean the manipulator. So, what are the cleaning methods of the manipulator?


  • The Selection And Design Of Manipulator Grasping Method

    In the design process of the manipulator, there are many options for grabbing methods. What kind of grabbing method to choose, in addition to structural considerations, is more about the cost of use and the convenience of maintenance. Consider, after all, a good thing needs to be considered cost-effective.


  • The Research On Ni-Si Alloy Slender Shaft Turning Technology

    It is a difficult-to-process material and is widely used in aerospace, aviation and other fields. Its cutting is a difficult point in modern machining technology. Combining the characteristics of nickel-silicon alloy materials, taking a company's nickel-silicon alloy contacts as an example, the turning processing technology has been studied, and a certain high-temperature alloy material processing technology has been reserved for the workshop, which has certain application value.


  • The Application Of AC Servo System In Shelf Cold Roll Forming Line

    The introduction of the pre-punching process and hydraulic stop shear technology in the cold-formed production line of the rack column not only expands the design range and manufacturing accuracy of the cross-sectional shape of the rack column, but also meets the requirements of the design and assembly of the rack steel structure system, and optimizes


  • Machining Time Selection of Crane Flange Plane

    In the installation process of large crane, the flatness of crane flange will change. The conventional practice is to machine the crane flange plane after the assembly and welding of the crane base assembly, so as to ensure that the flatness of the crane flange meets the requirements of the design drawing.


  • The Role Of 3D Printer In Prototype Model Making

    Generally, the designed products cannot be directly mass-produced. Once they have defects, they will be scrapped, which wastes manpower, material resources and time. The prototype is the necessary step to verify the feasibility of the design in the product development process. It is a direct and effective way to find out the defects, deficiencies, and shortcomings of the designed product, so as to make targeted improvements to the defects. Common processing equipment for prototype models include CNC numerical control machine tools, 3D printers, and silicone compound mold machines.


  • The Development And Application Of Thread Rolling Machining Technology

    In the development and application of thread rolling machining technology, the advantages of high machining accuracy, stable quality, and high production efficiency of this technology are used in the development and application. It is considered to have high reliability in special wire machining equipment. The internal motor high-power operation makes the threaded member Play a connecting role in mechanical properties.


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