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  • The Preferred Structure Of Aircraft Aluminum Alloy 7A09

    Among the aluminum materials for aerospace vehicles in China, 7A09 alloy is one of the preferred high-strength alloys for the main stressed structural parts. The semi-finished products available include plates, strips, bars, profiles, thick-walled tubes, forgings, etc. The chemical composition is more reasonable than that of 7A04 alloy, so it has superior comprehensive performance and becomes one of the designer's main materials. Its chemical composition (mass%): 0.5Si, 0.5Fe, (1.2—2.0) Cu, 0.15 Mn, (2.0-3.0) Mg, (0.16-0.30) Cr, (5.1-6.1) Zn, 0.10Ti, other impurities are individually 0.05, totaling 0.10, and the rest is Al.


  • 7A04 Alloy - Yield Strength Close To Tensile Strength

    7A04 alloy is an Al-Zn-Mg-Cu series heat-treatable aerospace super-hard aluminum alloy, which can be heat-treated and strengthened. Its composition has been listed in GB/T3190-2008, and it is compatible with the B95 alloy of the Soviet Union and Russia and the AlZnMgCu1 of Germany. .5.3.4365 alloy is equivalent, because in 1944 the Soviet Union’s 95th factory successfully trial-produced this alloy semi-finished product, hence the name B95 alloy. In 1957, China Northeast Light Alloy Co., Ltd. (then Harbin Aluminum Processing Plant) produced this alloy with the help of Soviet experts. Alloy plates and extruded materials.


  • The Reason Why Sheet Metal Parts Are Gradually Replaced By Thermoplastic Plastics

    Sheet metal is a metal processing technology that performs a series of processing such as shearing, cutting, punching, and folding of metal sheets. Most of the processed materials are steel plates, and the processed products are widely used, especially in the automotive industry.


  • The Surface Treatment Technology Of Aluminum Alloy

    Aluminum has many advantages such as low density, high specific strength, good corrosion resistance, high electrical and thermal conductivity, weldability, good plasticity, easy processing and forming, and excellent surface decoration properties. Aluminum alloy is made of pure aluminum by adding some alloying elements


  • The Commonly Used CNC Machining Standards For Drawing Molds

    Stretching die machining is an indispensable process equipment for stamping production, and it is a technology-intensive product. The complexity of the machining structure will inevitably lead to the complexity of the shape of the mold parts. The following explains the knowledge about the commonly used CNC standards for drawing mold machining.


  • The Difference Between High Speed Steel And Tungsten Steel

    High-speed steel (HSS) is a tool steel with high hardness, high wear resistance and high heat resistance, also known as wind steel or front steel, which means that it can be hardened even if it is cooled in the air during quenching, and it is very sharp. It is also called white steel.


  • The Basic Knowledge Of Plaster Mold And Ceramic Modeling

    Gypsum is generally white powdery crystals, as well as gray and reddish yellow crystals. It belongs to the monolithic crystal system. In terms of composition, it is divided into dihydrate gypsum and anhydrous gypsum. The ceramic industry mold production application is generally dihydrate gypsum.


  • What Is GR2 Titanium

    GR2 titanium is a silver-white metal with a density of 4.5g/cm3 (20℃) and a melting point of 1668℃. Titanium and titanium alloy materials have the characteristics of good corrosion resistance, low density and high specific strength.


  • What Is Hastelloy C-276

    Hastelloy C-276 is a nickel-molybdenum-chromium-tungsten alloy with excellent corrosion resistance and good forging properties.


  • Titanium Alloy Material Grinding Skills

    The machining of TC4 titanium alloy is very difficult. The comprehensive process of titanium and titanium alloy is very different from steel, aluminum alloy and many heavy metals in terms of crystal structure, physical properties and chemical properties. Alloy is a metal that is not easy to process.


  • What is Inconel 690

    Inconel 690 (UNS N06690) nickel-based alloy has a chromium content of 27.0-31.0% and a nickel-based alloy with a nickel content of approximately 59%


  • What Is Inconel 718

    Inconel 718 is a nickel-based alloy that can be hardened by precipitation. It still exhibits high yield strength, tensile strength and creep cracking strength at high temperatures up to 704 ° C.


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