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  • 4 Kinds Main Applications Of High-End CNC Machine

    Through in-depth on-site investigations and communication between industry users, we have a clearer understanding of the development of these user industries, the characteristics of typical parts, and the requirements for equipment.


  • With COVID-19 Pandemic,Cnc Machining Orders Fell To The Lowest Point In 11 Years

    In April 2020, the US machining industry activity fell to its lowest level in 11 years, mainly due to the severe damage to the supply chain caused by the novel coronavirus epidemic.


  • CNC Machining and Forming Process of Automobile Wheel Hub

    The forging of automobile wheels is a change from solid to solid. The shape of the hub is formed by means of tapping, pressing, forging, etc. to CNC machining. Today, the machining process using CNC machining center is produced.


  • PTJ Japanese Website Successfully Opened

    In this diversified region, the potential for serving more customized parts and continuing innovation is huge, whether it is the CNC machining partnership in Japan or the distance issue in Japan. , Are telling us that Japan is a huge and potential market.


  • The PTJ Shop Passed The IATF16949 Audit Successfully

    After many years of preparation by the company's staff, the company successfully passed the IATF16949: 2016 (quality management system-the special requirements of ISO9001 for the production and related service parts of the automotive industry) system audit on January 10th It was officially issued in April this year.


  • What Can Make-To-Demand Do For You?

    In the past few years, it took months or weeks to create prototype products. Even the most detailed design plan takes the time to put it into action, and it takes more time to focus on acquiring materials and creating shapes.


  • PTJ character Introduction:kan huang

    kan huang is a graduate of lanxiang, with a BS in Business Management. She has been with The Flinchbaugh Company. He serves as the company's workshop supervisor


  • PTJ character Introduction:Jay chen

    Jay chen has worked for the company since 2009. He worked in the shop for 10 years operating manual, CNC Mills and CNC Lathes.


  • PTJ character Introduction:David Lan

    David is a graduate of Shaoguan University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Prior to joining PTJ factory in January 2012, he was the Manager of zhilian, LLC in shenzhen, china from 2007-2011.


  • PTJ character Introduction:Sales Manager Michelle

    Michelle has worked for The PTJ Factory since 2009 in sales management .Her business ability is very strong, and the customer gives her a positive appreciation for her ability.


  • PTJ character Introduction:Boss zhou hanping

    Zhou hanping began his career in manufacturing at Foxconn Factory in shenzhen, china in 2003. He progressed through roles as a machine General Foreman, Manager, and finally, Foxconn CNC machining manager. He has experience in a variety of machining and specialized processes.


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