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PTJ CNC Machine Introduction

 PTJ is a factory dedicated to CNC precision machining, with its core competence (prompt and efficient response, high quality guarantee system, effective cost control capability ).
When we provide the concrete product and processing services, we can also provide more closer customer-oriented technical services, quality control flow and efficient business management ability.
With all these, we are able to bring more added value to our customers, so that our customers can focus on their own business and enhance their customer value.
There are two main types of machine:
▶   cnc precision machine
▶   high-precision testing equipment.
5-axiscnc-machining machine


We own CNC processing center equipments, including imported and domestic, and some other
ancillary processing equipment as well.We can be engaged in one piece, mass order processing,
and also design, manufacture and assembly for all kinds of Clamping fixture

5-Axis CNC Machining

5-axis machining is commonly used in the aerospace industry to machine body parts,turbine parts,and impellers with free-form surfaces.The 5 axis machine tool can machining different sides of the workpiece without changing the position of the workpiece,which can greatly improve the machining efficiency of the prismatic parts.


Meanwhile, we are equipped with high-precision testing equipment, like second element, three-dimensional height of instrument. Hexagon coordinate measuring machine, etc. By our strict quality control system, we can provide more stable, reliable product and services to our customers.

Our cnc machining&cutting services have been refined to an exact science that allows us to customcut almost any material,including:
         machining aluminum&its alloy(6061,6063,7075,etc)
         other metal material:stainless/copper/brass/titanium/magnesium 
         hardness plastic material:uhmw/acetal/delrin/teflon etc


cnc machining section1
CNC Machining Department A
cnc machining section2
CNC Machining Department B
cnc machining section3
CNC Machining Department C
lathe section
Lathe Machining Section
dring section1
Drilling Department
Large milling center cell
Large Milling Center Cell
CVX1100V Vertical machining center
CVX1100V Vertical Machining Center 
0.005mm micro engraving machine
0.005mm Micro Engraving Machine


Computerized numerical control rquipment

equipment list 01

Special machine for drilling and tapping teeth
equipment list 02
Testing equipment
equipment list 03

Grinding machine
equipment list 04
Dench type lathe
equipment list 05

Aluminum casting machine
equipment list 06
Zinc Alloy Casting machine
equipment list 07

Punching machine
equipment list 08

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