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  • The Advantages Of Turn-Mill Machining

    There are two main forms of Turn-Mill machining: contour machining when the workpiece is parallel to the tool axis; surface machining when the workpiece is perpendicular to the tool axis.


  • How To Use Matercam To Replace N95 Mask Machine Shaft

    Transfer the drawing file to the software, and place it as shown in the following figure. How to place the actual processing, the corresponding setting in the software can be.


  • Application Of PEEK Material In Gear

    In gear applications, engineers are looking for new materials to replace existing metal materials, or to improve typical polymer material solutions to meet the high performance requirements of future systems.


  • How To Solve Common Problems In Polishing ?

    When designing, mapping, or drawing a machine or component, you must draw a part drawing. The accuracy of the parts drawing directly affects the performance of the machine or component. So for the designer who draws the drawing of machining parts, the requirements are very high. This article will introduce the drawing method of machining parts in detail


  • The Distinction Between Precision Bearings And Ordinary Bearings

    The grades increase in sequence, with P0 being ordinary precision and other grades being precision grades. Of course, different classification standards and different types of bearings have different classification methods, but the significance is one-to-one.


  • PEEK Application In Petrochemical Industry

    In the petroleum exploration and extraction industry, Peek can be used to manufacture special parts involved in mining machinery and water-resistant metal PEEK powder coating products.It is widely used in chemical anti-corrosion.


  • What Is CNC Boring?

    CNC machining boring refers to expanding or refining the original holes on the workpiece. The boring characteristics of CNC machining are to correct the eccentricity of the lower hole, obtain the precise hole position, and obtain high-precision roundness, cylindricality and surface finish. Therefore, boring is often used in the final process.


  • The difficulty of manufacturing high-end bearings

    The bearing is an indispensable core component in mechanical equipment. Its main function is to support the mechanical rotating body, reduce the friction coefficient and ensure the rotation accuracy.


  • Future Trend: Engineering Plastics Replace Metals as Main Materials for Applications

    Engineering plastics have small specific gravity, high strength, and corrosion resistance. In Future,they can be used to replace metal materials to make structural components required for many application products.


  • Formation Of Propeller Blades And Their Geometric Features In Section

    Since the propeller is a free-form surface part, its shape is complicated. To plan the machining plan of the propeller, we must first analyze its geometric characteristics.


  • What Is Machine Tool?

    The machine tool is a machine that processes blanks or workpieces of metal or other materials to obtain the required geometry, dimensional accuracy, and surface quality.


  • Basic Characteristics Of Special Engineering Plastics

    Polyphenylene sulfide is called polyphenylene sulfide, which is a thermoplastic resin with a phenylthio group in the main chain of the molecule. The English name is polyphenylene snlfide (referred to as PPS).


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