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  • What kind of cnc machine can meet high-speed cutting?

    High-speed cutting technology is a very large and complex system engineering. What advantages does it have over traditional machining? For machine tools, how can we meet high-speed cutting?


  • Summary Of The Most Common Parts Machining Methods In China

    Generally in hardware machining shop, most of the most commonly used materials for machining materials are stainless steel, copper, aluminum, iron, etc.


  • Crack Tendency And Stress Generation Of Aluminum Alloy

    During the solidification and shrinkage of the alloy, the external resistance is too large, and it is easy to generate cracks. Aluminum die-casting generally has a tendency to crack, while Al-Si and Al-Mg alloys have a higher tendency to crack.


  • How does 3D printing make up for the shortcomings of traditional manufacturing?

    3D printing has had a major impact on the manufacturing industry. The development of 3D printing is bound to be due to the weakness of traditional manufacturing.


  • Working Process Of Metal Parts Machining

    Nowadays, many industries are linked to hardware processing manufacturers, mainly the parts and equipment production required by these large, medium and small enterprises need to be processed and manufactured by hardware processing plants. Because of this, the hardware processing industry is currently in a high-speed development trend.


  • Development Trend of Propeller Casting Method

    Large propellers are produced almost all over the world in the form of a scraper. In the production of variable-pitch propellers, after scraping off the equal-pitch surface with a scraper, the auxiliary pitch plate is also used to scrape the variable-pitch surface


  • Advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel powder metallurgy

    If the melting process is used to produce stainless steel products, due to the difficulty of cutting, it will lead to a series of arrangements of the manufactured parts, such as poor dimensional accuracy and insufficient surface roughness. In applications that solve similar problems, powder metallurgy plays a vital role.


  • How to design precision non-standard automation equipment parts

    Non-standard equipment refers to special non-standard equipment that the country does not have mass production, and the national economy departments do need.


  • Design Of Marine Propeller Fixture

    The performance of the marine propeller fixture will directly affect the performance of the marine propeller. In the production process of marine propellers, a marine propeller usually corresponds to this special set of fixtures


  • Three major types of powder metallurgy materials involved in the aerospace industry

    Although the powder metallurgy process is mostly used to make mechanical parts, it has other uses, such as the application in the aerospace industry. What types of powder metallurgy materials will be used in this particular field?


  • The Characteristics Of CNC Turning Technology

    Turning is a method of cutting a workpiece on a lathe using a workpiece relative to the tool rotation. Turning is the most basic and common cutting method.


  • Introduce A Complex Aluminum Castings Process

    Complicated aluminum casting is a new technology that uses electromagnetic pump low-pressure casting technology as the core, aluminum smelting and forming compound purification technology and manufacturing core new technology to produce high-quality aluminum castings.


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