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  • Process For Repairing Slag Inclusion Defect Of Copper Propeller

    The marine propeller is also called the thruster, which is an important casting of the ship's power plant and an important device to ensure the safe navigation of the ship.


  • An High-Efficiency Special Cnc Fixture For Flexible Wire Machining Cylinder Block And Cylinder Head

    The CNC special fixture solution of the flexible production line is the basis for achieving efficient machining. Let's start with the key structural design of multi-variety engine block and cylinder head fixtures produced on the same line, and discuss the key design of fixture layout schemes to improve the efficiency and quality of production lines.


  • How To Draw Cnc Machined Part Drawing?

    When designing, mapping, or drawing a machine or component, you must draw a part drawing. The accuracy of the parts drawing directly affects the performance of the machine or component.


  • Smelting And Pouring Of Large Copper Alloy Propellers

    Combined with the large-scale propeller casting process design, consider appropriate process parameters such as shrinkage, deformation, and processing volume; the use of multi-furnace smelting, control of reasonable melting temperature, degassing process, and pouring temperature are prerequisites for ensuring the smooth casting.


  • The advantages and disadvantages of electroforming

    Electroforming is the process of electrodepositing on a mandrel and then separating to make (or duplicate) a metal article.


  • Introduction To The Casting Process Of Large Copper Alloy Propellers

    In recent years, with the booming development of the world's shipbuilding industry, the tonnage of shipbuilding has increased significantly, resulting in the increasing weight of marine propellers.


  • Related Comparisons Of Common Metal Cutting Processes

    In production, with the development of science and technology, the types of metal cutting processes have been continuously enriched. More common are laser cutting, water cutting, plasma cutting, and wire cutting. In our actual machining, selecting the appropriate process according to the different materials or machining requirements can achieve better machining results.


  • Model Classification Of Pipe Thread Lathe

    Pipe thread lathes are mainly divided into ordinary pipe thread lathes and CNC pipe thread lathes according to different control and operation methods.


  • Similarities and differences between powder metallurgy and CNC machining

    It is found from the finished products that the shapes of products made by NC machining and powder metallurgy are similar, but it is obvious that the price of NC machining is more expensive than powder metallurgy, so why not use powder metallurgy to make products? It seems that there is still a difference between powder metallurgy and CNC machining.


  • Summary Of Cutting Methods For CNC Milling Machined Parts

    The milling cutter can use different cutting tool rail styles when cutting the plane and side of the workpiece, which is called cutting method. There are nine cutting methods.


  • Diversified performance of pulverizing technology in powder metallurgy

    The powder metallurgy process is bound to involve the problem of powder preparation. The powder preparation process can be divided into three categories, one is the rapid solidification atomization powder technology, the other is the mechanical alloy powder technology, and the other is It is an ultrafine powder preparation technology.


  • What Is The Speed Of The External Thread Of The CNC Lathe?

    When a CNC lathe is machining threads, due to the change of its transmission chain, in principle, its rotation speed can only ensure that the tool moves by one pitch along the main feed axis (mostly Z axis) every one revolution of the spindle, and should not be limited.


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