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Machining Characteristics And Material Selection Method Of Cold Deformed Mold Steel


Cold Deformed Mold Steel

With the development of the mechanical machining industry, more and more parts are produced by cold work dies in production, and more and more types of cold deformation dies are used. Cold volume die forging (cold upsetting, cold extrusion, embossing, etc.); sheet-metal stamping (such as stretching, blanking, trimming, punching, etc.); material rolling (cold rolling, roll forming, etc.). Although there are many types of cold deformation molds, different working conditions and different performance requirements, the basic working conditions are similar: that is, the metal is deformed in the cold state, and it is subjected to large shear, pressure, bending force, Impact and friction.

Cold Deformed Mold Steel
Cold Deformed Mold Steel

Machining Characteristics Of Cold Deformed Mold Steel

1. High hardness and high strength to ensure that it is not easy to produce a small amount of plastic deformation or damage when subjected to high stress.
2. High abrasion resistance, which can ensure the dimensional accuracy of the mold under high abrasion conditions, which is even more important for tensile dies and cold stamping dies.
3. Sufficient toughness, so that it is not prone to peeling or collapsing when working under impact load and dynamic load.
4. The heat treatment deformation should be small. Because most molds have complicated cavities and precise precision, the heat treatment deformation is difficult to eliminate by grinding. In addition, some cold deformation molds should have sufficient heat resistance. How to choose the material of cold deformation mold and proper heat treatment method to improve the service life of the mold is the most concerned issue in production. The normal failure of cold deformation mold should be wear, slight plastic deformation and fatigue failure. However, in actual production, in addition to wear and tear failures, and early failures such as collapse, fracture, cracking, etc., are common. As we all know, the service life of cold-deformed molds is a comprehensive factor; the rationality of raw material selection, the metallurgical quality of raw materials, the rationality of design and manufacturing processes, the use conditions, and the technical level of operators.

The Selection Of Cold Deformed Mold Steel

  • 1. The working conditions of the mold, including the type of equipment, machining frequency, material being processed, lubrication and environment, etc.
  • 2. the complexity of the mold form and machining procedures;
  • 3.Production batch and technical requirements;
  • 4. The source of mold materials and the machining conditions. 

The material cost of large molds often accounts for more than 50% of the mold costs. For molds with complex shapes and high accuracy requirements, mold steel with small quenching deformation should be used.
According to actual use, commonly used cold deformed mold steels machining are low hardenability steel, low deformed steel, micro deformed steel, high strength steel, high toughness steel, and impact resistant cold deformed mold steel.

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