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Steel non-standard parts fabrication services for small, large and heavy components. 

Steel machining services. Works with alloy steel, carbon steel, mild steel, low temperature steel, stainless steel and structural steel. Capable of machining parts up to 150 ft. L x 16 ft. W sizes with 0.0625 in. to 18 in. thickness. Additional services such as embossing, electroplating, etching, finishing, plating and painting also provided. Prototype and low to medium volume production offered up to 100 units.

4 and 5-axis precision machining services for steel. Machining processes include tapping, profiling, reaming countersinking, knurling and thread milling. Machined parts such as shafts, valves, pins, bushings, standoffs also available. Assembly, drilling, anodizing, pressing, threading, reaming and passivating services also provided. Automotive, marine, semiconductor, retail, architecture, optical, electrical, and other industries served. AutoCAD/CAM files accepted. Meets TS standards. On-time delivery.

Manufacturers design steel machined parts to deliver world-class performance at a minimum unit cost. They take their finished designs to PTJ Shop to get the absolute assurance of on-time component delivery for steel parts.

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1.Custom manufacturer of screw machine products & turned parts. .

Various products include bushings, collars, connectors, pins, shafts, spacers and valves. Alloy steel, aluminum, brass, bronze alloys, carbon steel, copper and stainless steel materials used. Maximum part length is 4 in., while the outer diameter can range from 5/16 in. to 4 3/4 in. Capabilities include screw machining services like boring, deburring, drilling, grinding, knurling, milling, polishing, reaming, and turning. Aerospace, agriculture, construction, automotive, electronic, electrical, medical, military and other industries served. NADCAP, ISO 9001:2008, AS9100, and TS 16949:2009 certified.

2.Custom manufacturer of milled parts.

Materials include aluminum, beryllium, brass, carbon steel, cobalt, copper, iron, lead, ABS, acetal, nylon, PTFE and others. Capable of handling parts up to 12 in. L x 12 in. W x 12 in. H dimensions with +/-0.0001 in. tolerance. Various capabilities include cutting, threading, turning, drilling, tapping and reverse engineering. Secondary services include assembly, countersinking, pressing, reaming, plating, passivating, anodizing and others. Specialty, small to large run and high volume production can be done. Aerospace, agriculture, architectural, chemical, dental, marine and other industries served. Emergency and rush services available. Meets AS standards. On-time delivery.

3.Ultra precision 5-axis CNC machining services for SS parts.

AS9100/ISO 9001 certified contract manufacturer.Capabilities include CNC milling, honing and welding. Surface grinding, deburring and lapping services are also available. Suitable for tight tolerances and complex geometries. CAD/CAM files accepted. On-time delivery.

You are invited to experience this mission-critical capability firsthand. Contact us for a prompt response to your steel  parts machining project.

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Steel Machining Benefits

Although machining custom steel parts is highly challenging, customers cannot afford unacceptable delivery delays. Mastering technical challenges while maintaining an uninterrupted reliable supply is an important core competency at PTJ Shop. The China team of manufacturing professionals knows the distinctive properties of all the 50 different metal alloys in the category, and adjust the production process to maximize production efficiency.
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Other Steel Machined Process In PTJ Shop

  •  ▶    Die casting
  •  ▶    Sand casting 
  •  ▶    Hot and cold forging
  •  ▶    Manufacturer of sheet metals including Steel panel
  •  ▶    Powder metallurgy 
  •  ▶    Steel stamping (complete equipment list)

Commonly Steel Machined Material

5 axis cnc machining


Steel non-standard screw machining
cnc machining Steel shaft
5 axis cnc machining STEEL parts

STEEL fixture
CNC machining steel auto parts
Anodizing steel parts in IOT Parts
cnc machining STEEL COMPONENTS

STEEL parts
machining  steel housing

steel parts customized
machining STEEL accessories
STEEL parts cnc machining
milled parts for ss

custom precision machining STEEL parts
machining steel components
steel turned parts
turning parts STEEL machining


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