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The Application Of Intelligent Production In Lost Foam


With the development of society and the development needs of my country's existing enterprises, the demand for intelligent production is becoming more and more urgent. Our company began to study intelligent production in 2014, and many research results have been practically applied to our products. Especially in December 2020, our company signed an intelligent lost foam production line with Maanshan Haitian Heavy Industry, which will fully apply our intelligent production products in recent years to this production line.

The goal of this production line is to realize the all-round intelligent production of the foundry department, cooperate with the white mold workshop, the melting workshop, and the cleaning workshop to complete the link between the workshops, so as to truly realize the intelligent factory.

The intelligent production of the production line achieves the goal: the ERP system transmits the production tasks to the MES system, the MES system transmits the data to the white mold workshop, and transmits the yellow mold required for modeling to the modeling position through the chain system; the running track of the sand box can be Check; after the box is buried, it can display the type of molten steel that needs to be poured in the sand box, the weight of the molten steel, and the holding time; the pouring machine can automatically find the gate position according to the number of the buried mold in the sand box, check the material of the molten steel, and after the pouring is finished The start signal of holding pressure.

The Application Of Intelligent Production In Lost Foam

The modelling process circuit diagram of the production line:

When the pattern is buried in the box, the pattern and the sand box are paired to form a digital string and return it to the MES system for digital string filling. The MES system returns the filled digital string to the production line control system and the pouring machine control system. The production line control system records the trajectory of the sand box that has been filled, and waits for pouring when it arrives at the pouring line.

Process flow of molding, pouring and cooling engineering department:

1# Modeling transfer vehicle (with push-relief cylinder device and hydraulic positioning device) runs from the initial position to 1# molding line position after receiving the empty box → 2# Modeling transfer vehicle runs to 1# molding line position → 1# slow cylinder is pushed out at the same time 1# Moulding line hydraulic positioning claw release → 1# Moulding transfer car pushes out the cylinder, 1# slow cylinder returns → 1# Moulding line hydraulic positioning jaw clamping → sand filling at the bottom sand level → bottom sand tapping table tapping → moulding A worker scans and fixes the corresponding yellow mold, scans the code of the sand box, and transmits the data to the MES system → 3D tapping station, sanding and tapping → during the 1# line modeling process → 2# modeling transfer The car runs to the position of 1# pouring line → the 3# transfer car also runs to the position of 1# pouring line → the 3# transfer car pushes out the cylinder while the 1# pouring line hydraulic positioning claw is released → the 1# push cylinder pushes out, the 3# transfer car Push cylinder return → 1# pouring line hydraulic positioning claw clamp → 3# transfer vehicle also returns to the position of the cooling line → 1# transfer vehicle push cylinder extends while cooling line hydraulic positioning claws are released → 3# transfer vehicle push cylinder pushes out, 1# transfer car pushes the cylinder back → cooling line hydraulic positioning claw clamping → box turning machine overturns the box at the same time 1# transfer truck receives the sand box and waits for the molding line signal to transfer the empty box to the molding line position.

Pouring process flow: the trajectory information of the pouring box will be transmitted back to Party A's MES system, and Party A's MES system will return the casting information in the sand box to the pouring machine control system. The pouring machine scans the pouring port of the corresponding flask according to the production plan provided by the MES system, locates the pouring port, and then performs pouring.

The production line has now entered the implementation stage. Foundries in need are welcome to conduct further technical exchanges, and peers in the foundry machinery industry are also welcome to communicate with each other, and contribute to further improving the performance of casting equipment and technological advancement.

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