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4 tips to improve machining efficiency of non-standard mechanical parts


4 tips to improve machining efficiency

In the process of processing non-standard precision mechanical parts in large machinery processing plants, although there are many small tips that are inconspicuous, if you can know and master these tips, you will get more efficiency with less!

4 tips to improve machining efficiency
4 tips to improve machining efficiency

Tip 1:
Non-standard precision mechanical parts processing and dismantling the vise jaws and processing two M4 threaded holes, two 1.5mm thick steel plates are flush with the jaws, riveted with a 0.8mm thick brass plate with aluminum rivets, fixed with M4 countersunk screws On the jaws, form a durable soft jaw. This protects the precision mechanical parts from being pinched.

Tip 2:
Tips commonly used in the processing of non-standard precision mechanical parts

It is inconvenient to use a magnet to pick up small precision mechanical parts. An iron plate can be sucked under the magnet. It can not only absorb many small precision mechanical parts, but also pull the iron plate apart. Small precision mechanical parts will automatically fall into the collection box, which is very practical.

Tip 3:
Horizontal CNC machining

If the pulley is driven to slip between the pulley and the axle, a series of sockets can be drawn on the axle with a ~15~18mm burrowing bit to form an adsorption force to prevent slippage.

Tip 4:
Tips commonly used in the processing of non-standard precision mechanical parts

The workpiece is generally positioned and then clamped, but for some workpieces, the workpiece will be deformed because of the clamping. Therefore, for such a workpiece we first need to clamp and then reposition, find 6 anchor points, and find the degree of freedom to limit it.

Large-scale mechanical processing plants attach great importance to the quality and efficiency of non-standard precision mechanical parts processing. If you can improve production efficiency more effectively without spending a lot of human and financial resources, these tips are also highly commendable of.

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