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Three difficult solutions for aluminum alloy laser welding


Three difficult solutions for aluminum alloy laser welding

Because laser technology has the characteristics of low welding heat input, small influence on welding heat-receiving area and deformation, it has received special attention in the field of aluminum alloy welding. On the other hand, due to its own defects, there are three major welding difficulties in aluminum alloy laser welding.

aluminum alloy laser welding
aluminum alloy laser welding

So how to solve it skillfully?

The First Difficulties in welding: the laser absorption rate of the material is low;


1. Take appropriate surface pretreatment process. For example, sandpaper grinding, surface chemical etching, surface plating and other pretreatment measures. Increase the absorption rate of the material by the laser.

2. Reduce the spot size and increase the laser power density.

3. Change the welding structure so that the laser beam forms multiple reflections in the gap. Easy to weld aluminum alloy
aluminium laser welding parts

Second Difficulties in welding: easy to produce pores and hot cracks


1. After many welding tests and researches, it is found that adjusting the laser power waveform during the welding process can reduce the unstable collapse of the pores, change the angle of the laser beam irradiation and apply a magnetic field during the welding, and can reduce the pores generated during the welding.

2. When using a YAG laser, the heat input can be controlled by adjusting the pulse waveform to reduce crystal cracking.
aluminum alloy laser welding parts

Third Difficulties in welding: the mechanical properties of the welded joints decrease during the welding process;


The mechanical properties of the welded joint are caused by the instability of the pores caused by the welding of the aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy mainly includes three elements of Zn, Mg and Lv. At the time of welding, the boiling point of aluminum is higher than the boiling points of the other two elements. Therefore, some low-boiling alloying elements can be added during the welding of aluminum alloy elements, which is beneficial to the formation of small holes and the firmness of welding.

To sum up:

The high efficiency of laser welding of aluminum alloys makes people look forward to its development prospects. Therefore, some researchers have continuously developed new technologies such as laser-arc compliance technology and dual focus technology to improve the stability of the welding process and improve the quality of the weld.

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