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Titanium alloy forging blanking process


The Analysis Of Complex Forging Process

For titanium alloy forging, due to the high cost of materials, it is more suitable for forged, which not only improves the internal quality of the components, but also saves metal machining material. Every aspect of forged affects the internal quality or appearance quality of the forged more or less. Therefore, each process must be completed in strict accordance with the forged process.

titanium alloy forging
The Analysis Of Complex Forging Process

Forging (rolling) rods for titanium alloy forging, the surface has a layer of hard and brittle α. Before die forging, the layer needs to be removed to avoid cracking of the surface of the billet during forging. For bars with a diameter of less than 50 mm, the surface layer of 3 mm thick should be removed. When the diameter is larger than 50 mm, 5 mm should be removed. For extruded bars, the diameter is less than 50mm, the car can go 2mm, the diameter is more than 50mm, the general car goes to 3mm. After turning, if there are still defects in individual parts, it can be removed by local grinding, and the grinding depth should not exceed 0.5mm.
The sized titanium alloy blank for forging can be cut on a sawing machine, a lathe, an anode cutting machine, a punching machine, a grinding wheel cutter or on a forging hammer or hydraulic press. The cutting efficiency is the highest on the punching machine.

  • (1) The thickness of the circular saw blade saw blade is between 2 and 8 mm, which is suitable for cutting the bar with a larger diameter. The linear speed of the circular saw is about 30,000 to 35,000 mm/min, and a cleaner end face can be obtained with a small amount of feed. To prevent metal-bonding tools, burn metal, use a suspension to reduce friction and cool the tool.
  • (2) Anode-cut titanium alloy anode mechanical cutting, the slit width is not more than 3 mm, and water glass with a concentration of 1.28-1.32 g/cm3 is used as the working fluid. Although the anode cutting has less cutting cost, the raw rate is low.
  • (3) Before cutting and cutting on the hammer or hydraulic press, the bar material should be preheated to the deformation start temperature for punching (or cutting). Industrial pure titanium can be cut cold on a punching machine.
  • (4) When cutting the titanium alloy on the lathe, the cutting speed should be within 25000~30000mm/min, and the cutting amount is 0.2~0.3mm/week.
  • When the crust is removed from the alpha layer, the car cutting specification is: cutting rate 15000 to 20000 mm/min. The turning specification without the alpha layer is related to the surface roughness: when the roughness Ra is 0.63 to 2.5, the feed amount is 0.08 to 0.1 mm/week; when Ra=1.25 to 5, the feed amount is 0.1 to 0.2 mm/ Week; when Ra = 2.5 to 10, the amount of feed is 0.3 to 0.4 mm / week. Lubricating coolant must be used for turning and supplied at a pressure of 1 to 1.5 MPa.
  • (5) When the diameter of the titanium alloy bar is less than 60mm, it should be cut with a grinding wheel. When the diameter of the grinding wheel is more than 20 mm, the coolant should be used. The grinding wheel has a high cutting efficiency, but the grinding wheel has a short life.
After the blank is cut, the acute angle of the end should be rounded. Otherwise, it may cause folding when performing face die forging or topping on a horizontal forging machine. A blank having a diameter of less than 50 mm has an acute rounding radius R of 1.5 to 2.0 mm; a blank having a diameter of more than 50 mm has an acute rounding radius R of 3 to 4 mm.
Ultrasonic inspections are performed after the manufacture of particularly important parts (such as vanes), bars or sized rounds to reveal internal defects.

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