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Successfully developed stainless steel for mobile phone LOGO


How difficult is it to use 304 stainless steel for mobile phone LOGO? It was learned on October 20 that a few days ago, Hongxing Stainless Steel Branch of Gansu Jiuquan Iron and Steel Group (hereinafter referred to as Jiuquan Hongxing) successfully developed one of the steel grades with the highest requirements for molten steel purity-stainless steel for mobile phone LOGO. The successful research and development of this steel grade expanded the range of high value-added stainless steel products of JISCO Hongxing and broke the monopoly of foreign steel mills in this field.

Mobile phone LOGO is an important design that attracts attention, and its distinctive design is often the embodiment of quality. Stainless steel for mobile phone LOGO is one of the steel types produced in small batches, and the profit per ton of steel is much higher than that of ordinary stainless steel. Because of its demanding quality requirements and difficult production, the LOGO of domestic well-known mobile phones is generally made of imported stainless steel.

"The molten steel used for mobile phone LOGO steel must have both high purity and plasticization of inclusions. This is contradictory in terms of smelting process control. Often fish and bear's paws cannot be achieved. Both needs must be met. , The process control is extremely difficult." said Chen Xingrun, an engineer from the technical and quality department of Jiugang Hongxing.

Successfully developed stainless steel for mobile phone LOGO

In order to make the products have good surface quality and mechanical properties, the research and development personnel of Jiugang Hongxing conducted in-depth analysis on the LOGO samples of well-known foreign mobile phone companies. After consulting a large number of international academic journals, they proposed laboratory research methods.

In the first half of this year, the project team focused on tackling key problems. Through thermodynamic theoretical analysis and a large number of slag-steel balance experiments, the key points of stainless steel smelting for mobile phone LOGO were overcome, and a new smelting process was developed to make silicate and spherical oxide inclusions equal It has reached the level of inclusions in imported stainless steel materials. As of September this year, the stainless steel for mobile phone LOGO developed by Jiugang Hongxing has achieved a supply of more than 600 tons, with a first-class product rate of 100%, and the product quality has been well received by customers.

Do you think that these are the only breakthroughs in our country's steel industry? Since the beginning of this year, major iron and steel companies have reported frequent successes, and many steel products have achieved major breakthroughs, filling domestic gaps, breaking foreign monopolies, and achieving international leadership, demonstrating the hard-core strength of Chinese steel companies! The editor will take you to take an inventory!

China made 2,200 MPa super steel, breaking the monopoly of the United States and Japan

Not long ago, China once again achieved a technological breakthrough in the field of steel technology and successfully produced super steel with a strength of 2,200 MPa. The birth of this super steel changed the past weakness of China in the field of special steel, and not only directly won the world. First-class technology, and once again broke the monopoly of the US and Japan in special steel technology. At present, China's steel production technology level has surpassed the US and Japan. Because super steel has a yield strength of 2,200 MPa, China's warships, submarines and aircraft carriers will be used in the future. All ships will directly benefit.

Since the yield strength of China’s super steel is as high as 2200 MPa and it is also 30% lighter than ordinary steel, this special steel is very suitable for the manufacture of a new generation of nuclear submarines. Compared with large surface ships such as aircraft carriers and destroyers, Nuclear submarines have extremely high demands on the yield strength of steel due to their activities in the deep sea with extremely high water pressure. For example, the yield strength of submarine special steel used by nuclear submarine power Russia is as high as 1100 MPa, while China’s super steel yield strength At 2,200 megapascals, China’s nuclear submarines use this kind of steel, which will be able to lurch in deeper seabeds in the future. At the same time, because of the lighter weight, the extra weight can be used to install more equipment and weapons.

China's Baowu high-end oriented silicon steel uses "self-produced" magnesium oxide

The last key "lock" that restricted China Baowu's high-end oriented silicon steel products was opened. Not long ago, the BW-H1 magnesium oxide developed by China Baowu’s internal magnesium oxide manufacturing enterprise was successfully applied to Baosteel Co., Ltd.’s 0.23 mm thin gauge high-grade low-temperature oriented silicon steel, and its comprehensive indicators were superior to the highest-grade foreign products, which also marked China Baosteel’s Wu cracked the "stuck neck" technology, broke the foreign monopoly, and achieved a major breakthrough in the preparation technology of domestic magnesium oxide.

The steel used for aircraft carriers can only be manufactured in the three countries of the United States, Russia and France: Angang successfully breaks the monopoly

Ansteel successfully overcome technical difficulties, broke the monopoly of the United States, Russia and France, and produced high-performance steel that can be used for aircraft carrier deck manufacturing. The deck is the most important part of an aircraft carrier. The deck steel needs to withstand the take-off and landing of warships weighing tens of tons, as well as high temperature and corrosion resistance. Under such harsh conditions, Angang has successfully completed the task.

Ansteel’s contribution to my country’s aircraft carrier business is not only on deck steel. my country’s first aircraft carrier was transformed from the former Soviet Union’s semi-finished aircraft carrier "Varyag". At that time, the primary problem we faced was not deck steel. , But the steel used to repair the hull of the aircraft carrier. With no research foundation at all, Anshan Iron and Steel completed the development at an astonishing speed, making the repair and construction of the "Liaoning Ship" proceed more smoothly. The development of China's aircraft carrier business to this day is inseparable from the contributions of Angang's researchers.

Break the technology monopoly of foreign giants! "The King of Steel", it's coming

As the most stringent steel grade in the iron and steel industry, bearing steel is also known as the "king of steel". How to forge bearing steel with "high purity" and "high uniformity" will reduce the oxygen content in the steel. Controlling to the lowest level has always been a problem facing my country's iron and steel enterprises. The Power Spin Rolling Technology (PTR) developed by Professor Liu Dong from the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Northwestern Polytechnical University and his team broke the technological monopoly of foreign giants, broke through the "stuck neck" technology of bearing steel in my country, and solved the industry's problems.

Bearing inner ring after carburizing

It is worth mentioning that Xingcheng Special Steel, a subsidiary of CITIC Special Steel, has developed into the world's largest special steel enterprise in the production and sales of bearing steel. , Japan’s NSK and other world-renowned bearing companies, and the metallurgical quality of the products has reached the international leading level. my country has become the world's largest bearing steel producer. Although there is a gap with foreign countries in terms of accuracy, my country's bearing steel has broken out a future in a difficult environment.

0.7mm Invar steel, how does China break the foreign monopoly?

Invar, also known as Invar, is the core material required for the manufacture of liquefied natural gas (LNG) transport ship hulls. In the field of civil shipbuilding in the world, the difficulty of building an LNG ship is comparable to that of building an aircraft carrier. At present, only the United States and others A few countries can build LNG ships.

The successful development of China's Invar has made a great contribution to the manufacture of LNG ships in China and the world. As far as China is concerned, the situation of foreign companies covering the sky with Invar steel for LNG ships has been completely broken. Chinese shipyards will have more confidence in the procurement of other core materials, and the construction costs of LNG ships will also be effectively controlled.

Hegang's patent breaks foreign monopoly

Previously, Hegang's high-corrosion-resistant zinc-aluminum-magnesium hot-dip galvanized steel sheet and its production method were granted national patents. This patented technology innovatively adds appropriate amounts of aluminum and magnesium to zinc liquid to form a unique low-aluminum-magnesium composition system, which can produce zinc-aluminum-magnesium products with high corrosion resistance and high surface quality, breaking the monopoly of foreign patents.

As a new type of coating product, zinc, aluminum and magnesium has excellent corrosion resistance, processing characteristics and self-repair performance. It is a good substitute for traditional galvanized products, stainless steel, zinc-iron alloy and other materials, and can be widely used in photovoltaics and door industries. , Animal husbandry equipment, automobiles, home appliances and other industries, the market prospects are broad. But in the past, the patents of zinc, aluminum and magnesium products have been monopolized by foreign high-end enterprises.

The acquisition of this patent has strengthened the initiative of HBIS zinc-aluminum-magnesium products in market competition, established confidence in high-quality domestic zinc-aluminum-magnesium products for the market and customers, and played a significant role in promoting the continuous upgrading of materials and forming a virtuous circle with customer applications. Positive driving effect.

With the gradual deepening of the Chinese people's awareness of innovation and the increasing penetration of the national spirit, we decided to no longer be controlled by others, but to rely on our own strength to stand up and overcome difficulties one by one with sweat and wisdom. Our country is gradually breaking the various monopolies of other countries and realizing national independence. In the future, China's steel will not only have a large output, but also will have a higher quality than the old industrial powers such as the United States, Britain, Japan and Germany.

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