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CNC machining robot parts in China


Cnc machining robot parts

PTJ Shop specializes in the machining and manufacturing of robot structural parts. It has more than 30 high-speed machining centers, 4 five-axis CNC machining centers, CNC vehicles, milling, engraving and cutting equipment.

cnc machining robot parts
cnc machining robot parts

In recent years, service robots have acquired a lot of human skills, including: providing consulting services as a customer service, helping people choose asset management, drawing, translating, and even driving, etc., which has been the fastest growing in the past five years. However, behind this, it is also caused by the promotion of practical application, which is helping us solve many practical problems. Our lives are being rewritten by these technologies. The service robot industry based on home service robots continues to develop, and the global industry scale and market space continue to expand. According to the 2016 China Robot Industry Research Report released by Ai Media Consulting, a third-party data mining and analysis organization of the global mobile Internet, it is estimated that the global service robot market will reach 34.9 million units by 2018.

More than 50 professional technicians are equipped with machining and products. Post-machining one-stop production process, as long as you provide drawings or ideas, you can make products for you in a very short time. When building robots, we must be based on pragmatism: robots must help humans make money, and they must also help humans save money, increase productivity or play for humans. Industrial robots built with existing technology will help humans create more robots in the future, where commercial robots are responsible for creating economic value for humans (machine security, waiters and drivers, etc.) and consumer robots will act as household appliances and toys. Roles, they must be easy to use and have no "human taste." Of course, such robots don't have to look like people. For example, industrial robots are people who work in huge factories or warehouses equipped with smart lifts.

Commercial robots come in more form and use, and they may look like a row of cameras or an automated store. In addition to some special-purpose vehicles, autonomous vehicles will maintain the shape of the car, and consumer-grade robots will be ever-changing. They can be transformed into Amazon Echo's smart speakers, TVs, vacuum cleaners, educational robots or tablets. So which is the home service robot parts CNC machining plant? Good quality? China's professional robot structural parts (robot parts and robotic shells) CNC machining manufacturer PTJ has deep cooperation with experts in high-tech fields such as Tsinghua University and Ford Robot, relying on its accumulated experience in the field of robot structural parts machining. Provide technology and service and double guarantee for robot design and precision parts machining and structural parts machining.

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