Common faults and solutions of low pressure casting machine

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Common faults and solutions of low pressure casting machine


The principle of the low-pressure casting machine is mainly to fill the sealed protective furnace with a certain amount of dry compressed air. Under the action of air pressure, the metal liquid in the holding furnace will flush the mold cavity along the riser pipe to make the metal liquid in the mold cavity. 

Solidified internally (under pressure) to obtain compact castings. It is widely used in the production of aluminum alloy castings in automobiles, motorcycles, instruments, textile machinery and aerospace industries. 

1. The pressure of the hydraulic system cannot rise

First check whether the pressure switch is normally turned on, if it is turned off, please open the switch. Then check whether the hydraulic motor, electrical circuit, and thermal relay are activated, check the internal structure of the low-pressure casting machine, tighten the screw of the pressure adjustment plate, and the handle is too tight. Please turn it and tighten the nut. The linker can be damaged. Repair or exchange, the oil pressure valve must also be exchanged if there is oil leakage. If the pump motor is reversed, please check the circuit. After assembling, if the rotation direction of the shell piece is reversed, please confirm the model before reorganizing it. If the pressure gauge switch is turned off, please turn on the switch.

Common faults and solutions of low pressure casting machine

2. The increase in pump pressure is too high

If there is air intake on the suction side of the hydraulic pump, check the cause before repairing it. It is found that the air intake filter is clogged, please clean the filter or replace it. Sometimes the noise of the hydraulic pump will become louder after the use time is too long. The reason may be air entrapment in the seal part of the pump shaft, contamination of the operating oil, misalignment of the pump and motor shaft, and irregular pump rotation speed. The amount of fuel is reduced. Choose the method of repairing or exchanging the hydraulic pump first, and then confirm whether the number of revolutions is normal.

3. The oil temperature of the hydraulic unit is abnormal

Generally, the abnormal oil temperature of the oil pressure unit is mainly because the cooling water fails to pass through the oil cooler or the cooling water temperature is too high. The solution is to pass water first and then check whether the water temperature is below 28°C to ensure that the oil temperature of the oil pressure unit is normal. A bad pump and a bad pressure adjusting plate can also cause abnormal oil temperature. It is best to check the gas circuit and electrical circuit, investigate the main reason and repair it.

4. The main cylinder does not work

The reason may be that the oil pressure valve does not work or the action of the oil pressure solenoid valve slide valve slows down, and the electrical circuit and the oil pressure unit are malfunctioning. The hydraulic valve can be repaired, and then check whether the wiring of the control panel is disordered, dropped, or broken. The oil pressure unit and valve should be investigated and maintained.

5. There is a problem with the main cylinder, the side cylinder, and the side cylinder rod

The common fault of the main cylinder is that after the descent stops, the plate of the low-pressure casting machine will drop several centimeters. Generally, there are the following reasons: the operation of the main control check board is abnormal, this situation can be solved by repairing the fault of the main control check board; the gas in the oil pressure pipe causes the main oil cylinder to slow down, you can choose to investigate the recent cause Check the operation again; if the hydraulic cylinder leaks oil, it must be repaired and exchanged; if there is an error in the sequence of actions, the sequence of actions can be re-arranged.

If the side cylinder does not work, it is very likely that the LS, which is the front stroke action section of the side cylinder, is not turned on. You can adjust the LS to the start state. If the hydraulic valve is fretting, you can check the cause and repair it. If the electrical circuit, hydraulic unit, and piping are faulty, you can check the wiring of the control panel first, and then remove the air in the piping before performing part of the hydraulic unit overhaul.
If the side cylinder rod is too long, try to check the filter of the oil pressure unit, repair the T exhaust check plate by the way, and adjust the balance plate.

6. The removed device does not work

If the operating conditions of the take-out device are not satisfied, check whether the LS position is correct, whether the electrical circuit is faulty, and whether the oil pressure valve is working properly.

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