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Share a classic CNC machining drawing for shaft

CNC machining drawing for shaftThis picture is a part drawing that is often used in normal teaching. It is impossible to produce parts in the enterprise. If it is analyzed from the processing elements of the part drawing, the figure mainly examines the master's knowledge of the outer circle, the outer cone, the wide groove, the thread, the special curve and the eccentric piece.
It is a comprehensive part of a comprehensive part drawing. For engineers, the difficulty of this part is the processing of eccentric parts, the preparation of macro programs and the analysis of machining processes. This article focuses on the analysis of eccentric parts and macro programs based on personal processing experience!
shaft by cnc machining
shaft drawings

1.Eccentric piece

It can be seen from the figure that the eccentricity e=2mm is usually on the three-jaw chuck in the school. A pre-calculated pad with a curvature similar to the claw curvature is added to a single claw. Approximate calculation formula: pad thickness X=1.5*e, the thickness of the gasket is 3mm. If more precise, you need to add correction coefficient K, namely: X=1.5*e + k. Generally speaking, it is processed first. Measure the eccentricity and adjust the thickness of the gasket. Finally, it is a technical activity. It needs to be crossed and the dial gauge is corrected to ensure the correctness of the workpiece installation. It is allowed to have an error of about 2 wires. As the saying goes, memory produces memory. For the correct installation of eccentric parts, you need to practice more! There is nothing left, normal turning can be! About the four claws, fixtures, etc., the principle is similar, give one another!Eccentric piece


This parabola is also offset by a value of 10.84 in the X direction. The rest can be compiled normally. I have produced a parabolic simulation processing video in the previous stage. I will not go into details here.
The main procedures are as follows:


This ellipse is also offset by a center coordinate. You only need to add the offset coordinate XZ. You can make a two-stage ellipse processing video and an article in the previous stage. , nothing more than just modify the relevant variable parameters in the following program,

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