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The Processing Method Of Oil Screen


The main function of the oil screen is to prevent sand. Due to the geology of the oil well where the oil is extracted, the steel grades and types of pipes used in different sand layers are different. In oil drilling operations, screens are an important piece of equipment, and early completion or oil production is often used for sand control.

The Processing Method Of Oil Screen

There are several methods for processing oil screens:

  • - Method one:Laser cutting method: This oil screen processing method is to scan the surface of the oil screen with a very high energy density laser beam, and cut qualified slits based on the basic principle of laser cutting. The advantage of this oil screen processing method is that the slit width of the slit is regular, there is no slag in the slit, the slit quality is good, and it can also cut complex slit shapes such as trapezoidal seams, creasing seams, and ultra-wide seams. In addition, laser cutting also has the advantages of low noise, high efficiency and low cost.
  • - Method Two:Electrochemical and mechanical processing compound processing method: The process of this petroleum screen pipe processing method is roughly as follows: using the principle of electrochemical corrosion, a blind groove with the same size as the slit is corroded on the inner wall of the pipe, and then an ultrasonic thickness gauge is used in the pipe The center line of the groove is measured without contacting the outer wall, and finally, the blind groove is aggressively milled through with a milling cutter to form a slit. This method has low efficiency and heavy follow-up cleaning tasks, and is basically not suitable for mass production.
  • - Method three:Ceramic blade cutting method: This oil screen processing method is to "mill" the slit with a ceramic blade. The key to this method is the manufacturing process of the ceramic blade. Although this oil screen processing method currently has a certain range of use, it has the following shortcomings: low efficiency, high cost, slow blade feed speed and easy damage and frequent replacement, single slit shape, cannot cut trapezoidal seams , Curve seam and fold seam.
  • - Method four:Metal block inlay method: This oil screen processing method is to machine the slit on the pipe to make an opening much wider than the predetermined requirement, and then insert a narrower metal block in the opening and weld it to form the slit. However, this oil screen processing method has many processes, low efficiency and high cost, and sometimes affects the strength of the screen.

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