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The Cold And Heat Treatment In Magnesium-Aluminum Alloy Machining


In the process of machining magnesium-aluminum alloy materials, the operator must select appropriate equipment for finishing the magnesium-aluminum alloy materials. In the process of machining the magnesium-aluminum alloy materials, the size standards must be met, and the surface roughness requirements must be met. If the magnesium-aluminum alloy material has been rough-machined in the finishing stage of the magnesium-aluminum alloy material, the trouble of finishing can be reduced, and high-precision machining workpieces can be selected, thereby improving the accuracy of the magnesium-aluminum alloy parts. A lot of cutting heat is generated during the machining of magnesium-aluminum alloy materials.

Because of the low melting point of magnesium-aluminum alloy materials, magnesium-aluminum alloy materials are easily deformed under high temperature conditions. It is necessary to finish machining of magnesium-aluminum alloy materials by cutting to reduce the temperature during machining and avoid the deformation problems of magnesium-aluminum alloy parts. Cutting error.

The Cold And Heat Treatment In Magnesium-Aluminum Alloy Machining

In order to use the heat treatment method in the machining of magnesium aluminum alloy materials, it is necessary to use methods such as artificial aging and recrystallization annealing. If the part structure is relatively simple, rough machining is performed first, heat treatment is used, and finishing machining is performed at the end. When the structure of is complex, rough machining is performed first, semi-finishing after heat treatment, then heat treatment, and finally finishing. It is necessary to analyze the properties of magnesium-aluminum alloy materials in the machining of magnesium-aluminum alloy materials, and use targeted machining techniques to avoid errors in machining. The staff can use the artificial aging recrystallization annealing method. The machining progress of some magnesium-aluminum alloy materials is very high. After deep machining, heat treatment is carried out to avoid problems in the use of parts in the future.

Using cold treatment methods, mainly using low temperature treatment methods, improve the structure of the magnesium-aluminum alloy body and improve the stability of the structure. In the actual machining work, the cold treatment and the heat treatment recrystallization annealing method are combined, and the higher low temperature impact effect can be used to improve the dimensional accuracy of the magnesium aluminum alloy material.

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