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Process for heat treatment of rack surface of CNC cutting machine


The advantages of aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy enclosure plates: aluminum materials are widely used in the construction industry for exterior walls and roofs. The choice of aluminum as a building material is determined by its economic, practical and aesthetic value, airports, high-speed railway stations For buildings such as sports venues, fashion houses, etc., only the use of aluminum can highlight the individuality of the building.

1. Performance characteristics of aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy sheet:

1. Light weight: the weight of the substructure is lighter, the prefabricated components can be placed in a higher place, and the lifting work can be easily completed on site without the use of large lifting equipment.

2. Corrosion resistance: The aluminum material itself has strong corrosion resistance. After prefabricating it, this feature is more prominent, so that even if the thin aluminum plate is used for a long time under extreme conditions, it does not have to be expensive. Perform maintenance.

3. Rugged and durable: Aluminum material has incredible strength, and it can be used to build a lightweight but exceptionally stable structure.

4. Strong plasticity: Aluminum material has good flexibility and plasticity, as well as unlimited design potential. It can be processed in a variety of ways, such as: shaping, welding, riveting and cutting into dynamic 3-D geometric shapes.

Process for heat treatment of rack surface of CNC cutting machine

5. Easy lap joint: In addition to the most commonly used connection methods in the construction industry, you can also use methods such as welding, riveting, fixing and direct fixing connections. These methods are simple and easy to use, and can quickly and safely complete the construction of the components. Connect to work.

6. Recyclable: usually only one process can be used to recycle aluminum roofing and wall panels. Compared with the primary production process, the recycling process can save 95% of energy.

7. Excellent aesthetic value: Various surface polishing and coloring treatments can be performed on it, such as anodizing or coating, which can meet the high aesthetic requirements of architects and can extend the potential service life of aluminum materials.

2, the characteristics of the aluminum-magnesium-manganese vertical seaming system:

1. There is no connection port, no screw hole, and the appearance of the building is complete

2. It can be bent into inner arc and outer arc

3. Different materials and colors can be selected

4. Overall structural waterproof and drainage function

5. It can be used for roofs with a slope as small as 1, 5°

6. Excellent resistance to wind pressure (with base plate), especially suitable for areas with more typhoons and storms

7. It can eliminate the pressure caused by thermal expansion and contraction

8. Simple and fast machine winding, convenient and economical construction

9. It is convenient to lay the insulation and sound-absorbing layer

10. No chemical caulking glue is needed, avoiding pollution and aging problems

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