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What Are The Selection Criteria For Aluminum Pretreatment Chemicals?


The pre-treatment of aluminum usually includes the removal of surface grease and anti-corrosion treatment. However, certain standards are still required for the selection of aluminum treatment agents, so as to solve the problem that the grease on the aluminum surface cannot be removed, which seriously affects the effect of subsequent anti-corrosion treatment.

What Are The Criteria For The Selection Of Aluminum Degreasing Agent

Use liquid degreasing agent, which is weakly alkaline, and cannot corrode aluminum. The degreasing agent should not contain inorganic substances as much as possible, especially sodium nitrite, sodium silicate, sodium metasilicate, caustic soda, fluoride Inorganic substances such as sodium, sodium chloride, and chromium-containing oxidants.

Such as non-ferrous metal cleaning agent, neutral degreasing agent, etc.

What are the selection criteria for aluminum pretreatment chemicals

How To Choose Anti-Corrosion Treatment Agent After Degreasing

Because aluminum is a soft material, it is not easy to remove the oil stains immersed in the aluminum with a degreasing process. Therefore, the anti-corrosion treatment of aluminum should use a passivator or oxidizer with degreasing function to form a colorless passivation film. , To completely remove the oil stains.

Such as aluminum degreasing passivator, chromium-free degreasing oxidizing liquid, etc.

What Are The Standards For The Anti-Corrosion Passivation Treatment Agent For Aluminum?

  • ①It has the function of degreasing.
  • ②It is an environmentally friendly product and must not contain chromium ions (including trivalent chromium) nor other heavy metals and strong oxidants such as nickel, copper, lead, nitric acid, etc.
  • ③Organic corrosion inhibitors that affect the binding force cannot be used for corrosion prevention, such as silicate, sodium benzoate, sodium nitrite, emulsified wax, and emulsified oil.
  • ④The film layer after passivation is colorless and transparent, and there should be no white rust or black rust spots on the aluminum surface within the required time.
  • ⑤ Acidic substances that react violently with aluminum, such as fluoride, cannot be used.

As long as the above conditions are met, any chemical solution can be used. It is best to choose environmentally friendly, low-cost, room-temperature-treated chemical solutions. You can select eligible products for testing and screening through online inquiry.

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