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Precautions for heat treatment of industrial aluminum extrusion die


Heat treatment of industrial aluminum extrusion die

The quality of heat treatment of industrial aluminum extrusion die directly affects the service life of the extrusion die. The die is quenched by "+" multiple tempering to meet the hardness requirements.

heat treatment of industrial aluminum extrusion die
heat treatment of industrial aluminum extrusion die

Quenching is to improve the hardness of the mold. Multiple tempering is to improve the toughness of the mold and stabilize the internal structure.

Special attention should be paid to the heat treatment process of industrial aluminum extrusion die:

  1. The heating rate of the high temperature section should be fast, and the holding time should not be too long, in order to prevent over-burning or overheating of the extrusion die, overheating - coarse grain, over-burning - low melting point elements and inclusions to dissolve;  
  2. The aluminum extrusion die should be tempered in time after quenching to prevent cracks;  
  3. When the extrusion die heat treatment finds that the hardness is not enough or the hardness is not uniform, it should be annealed and reheated according to the process (when the hardness value is
  4. For large aluminum extrusion dies or complex molds with complex cavities, a stress-free tempering process should be added (eliminating electrical and machining stresses, ie eliminating thermal stress and tissue stress);  
  5. Mold quenching oil temperature should be controlled at 100 ° C to ensure quenching effect.

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