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What is the working principle of plastic extruder?


The composition of a plastic extruder is mainly composed of an extrusion system, a transmission system and a heating and cooling system. So how do these systems work together? What is the working principle of the plastic extruder?
The extrusion method of the plastic extruder generally refers to the melting of the plastic at a high temperature of about 200 degrees, and the molten plastic is passed through the mold to form the desired shape. Extrusion molding requires a deep understanding of plastic characteristics and rich experience in mold design, and is a molding method with high technical requirements.

Extrusion molding is a method in which materials are continuously passed through a die in a flowing state by heating and pressurizing in an extruder, also known as "extrusion". Compared with other molding methods, it has the advantages of high efficiency and low unit cost.

What is the working principle of plastic extruder

The extrusion method is mainly used for the molding of thermoplastics, and can also be used for some thermosetting plastics. The extruded products are all continuous profiles, such as tubes, rods, wires, plates, films, wire and cable coatings, etc. In addition, it can also be used for mixing, plasticizing, granulating, coloring, blending, etc. of plastics. The extruded product can be called "profile", because the cross-sectional shape is mostly irregular, it is also called "profile".

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