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Application of Magnesium Alloy Electroplating Zinc Process


Electroplating zinc on magnesium alloy can greatly improve the corrosion resistance of magnesium alloy surface, and at the same time, it has the advantages of beautiful appearance, high hardness and good wear resistance, so it has been widely used.

 The zinc coating can be used as the bottom layer of the subsequent coating, and it can also meet the requirements of protection and decoration after passivation. Compared with other plating types, galvanizing has low cost, better protection and decoration effects, and relatively stable plating solution. Domestic researchers have done a lot of research work in this area.

The pros and cons of different solution systems based on the zinc dipping layer are compared. When sulfate zinc plating, due to the strong acidity of the plating solution, it is easy to corrode the magnesium alloy substrate.

Zincate zinc plating can obtain a coating with good compactness and good adhesion under the conditions of current density of 3.0-4.0A/dm2 and time of 20min. Pyrophosphate zinc electroplating can obtain a coating with good adhesion under the conditions of a current density of 2.0-3.0A/dm2 and a time of 10 minutes. Adding additives such as phytic acid and vanillin can help reduce the porosity of the pyrophosphate zinc coating. Zhou Wanqiu et al. used a two-step electrodeposition method to deposit a metal zinc coating on AM60 magnesium alloy as a transition layer between the magnesium alloy substrate and the electroless nickel layer. The presence of the zinc intermediate layer is beneficial to reduce the galvanic corrosion between the electroless nickel plating layer and the magnesium alloy substrate. Yin Jianjun and others pretreated the AZ91D magnesium alloy through appropriate etching and activation processes, and then used alkaline zinc plating to obtain a uniform, dense, beautiful appearance, and a strong bond with the substrate.

Application of Magnesium Alloy Electroplating Zinc Process

The zinc immersion process is used as the pretreatment process for electroplating, and the resulting zinc immersion layer is uniform and dense, which can well protect the substrate from corrosion by the plating solution during the electroplating process, and at the same time serve as an intermediate layer to provide good adhesion to the electroplating layer.

Through the above research, it is concluded that the zinc coating obtained by the magnesium alloy alkaline zincate zinc plating process is bright and has high corrosion resistance. When the thickness of the alkaline zincate zinc coating exceeds 10μm, it will show uniform five-color after passivation. The salt spray test exceeds 96h. The pyrophosphate galvanizing process has good leveling ability and fine crystallization of the coating. The pyrophosphate zinc coating is used as the bottom layer, and the alkaline zincate is used to thicken the zinc coating, which can effectively improve the gloss and corrosion resistance of the zinc coating and reduce the cost at the same time.

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