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The difference between metal plating and plastic plating


Electroplating is the process of using electrolysis to attach a metal film to the surface of metal or other materials to prevent metal oxidation (such as rust) and improve wear resistance, conductivity, light reflection, and corrosion resistance (copper sulfate, etc.) And to enhance the beauty and so on. So, do you know about metal electroplating and plastic electroplating? What is the difference between them?

What is the difference between "hardware electroplating" and "plastic electroplating"?

1. The difference between hardware and plastic electroplating materials

The base material of hardware electroplating is metal, such as iron, zinc alloy, copper alloy, etc. The base material for plastic plating is plastic. Due to the different substrates, the processes processed in the early stage are completely different, but the subsequent electroplating is basically the same. This is the difference found from the two materials.

2, the difference in the price of metal and plastic electroplating

Regarding the price of the two: it depends on what material you use for the plating layer, and also depends on the plating thickness requirements and test requirements. Many factors will affect the plating price. For example, you need to chrome-plated a plastic part with a small surface area. It is cheaper. Gold-plating a larger piece of hardware is more expensive, and the thickness of the plating directly affects the price. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the problem according to the actual situation. The two are not comparable.

However, if it is the same coating, plastic electroplating is more expensive, because the plastic electroplating process is a few more steps, and it is not easy to plate, which is more difficult, and the cost is naturally high.

The difference between metal plating and plastic plating

3, the difference between hardware and plastic electroplating process

The process of plastic electroplating and plastic electroplating is: degreasing-hydrophilic-roughening-neutralization-prepreg-activation-debonding-chemical nickel-pyro copper-acid copper-nickel- -chromium

The process of hardware electroplating is: cleaning--plating copper sulfate---plating semi-gloss nickel---plating full-gloss nickel---plating chromium--drying

4, the difference between the characteristics of hardware and plastic electroplating

The characteristic of plastic electroplating is that it does not conduct electricity. It needs to be electrically conductive first, namely activation and electroless plating, so that a layer of metal film is firmly attached to the surface. After that, it is no different from metal plating.

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