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Diamond composites will be applied to wear parts and space programs


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3D printing technology has made more and more breakthroughs with the development of society. Today PTJ Shop explains its recent breakthroughs in terms of 3D printing technology.

Diamond composites
Diamond composites

3D printing technology completes the printing of the hardest material "diamond"

This is a Swedish engineering company dating back to 1862 and has developed a revolutionary technology that produces diamond composite parts that do not require any additional processing, which are printed in the desired shape from a 3D printer.
Before that, because of the hardness of diamonds, we couldn't shape them into complex geometries. Most of us think that diamonds are only limited to the application of jewelry, but what I never expected is that diamonds can also be used in the automotive, mining, military and other industries, and even benefit from it.
The head of the enterprise project said: "Historically, 3D printed diamonds are beyond our imagination. Even now we are just beginning to break through the possible applications, but this latest development will change what we know now. Manufacturing."
He also indicated that in the future, this diamond composite is highly likely to be applied to new advanced industries such as wear parts and space programs. The big push in the industry is not to seek to develop entirely new materials, but to completely reorganize existing materials. Using revolutionary new processes, such as 3D printing, will open up new ways to build the features we need with the same types of materials we have today.

3D printing technology breakthrough will open the way for printing "wooden" products

For 3D printed materials, wood is certainly not familiar to everyone. This is true, because the successful application of “wood” to 3D printing is a recent matter. It is understood that when the material of the 3D printed wood product was previously used, the material appeared in the form of a nanocellulose gel, which means that it contained tiny cellulose fibers extracted from the wood pulp. However, although this prints a wide variety of objects, they lack the porosity, toughness and torsional strength of the actual wood.
Later, experts added hemicellulose, a natural component of plant cells, to the printed material, which increased the strength of the gel and glued the cellulose fibers together like glue.
If this technology can eventually be used to make everything from packaging to furniture, it will create more refined and “complex” wood products. When this technology is widely used, it is believed that the personalization of wooden furniture will change. It's more efficient and cheaper because 3D printing technology reduces manpower.

Medical breakthrough: 3D printing can activate artificial cervical vertebrae to solve the world problem

Traditional cervical subtotal surgery has no fixed prosthesis surgery. In this study, a new type of artificial intervertebral disc-vertebral body complex was developed through 3D printing technology, which can reconstruct the stability of the surgical segment after cervical spine surgery. Restore the motor function of the surgical segment.

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