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The Future Development Trend Of Large-Scale CNC Gantry Milling


Large-scale CNC gantry milling machining has occupied an important position in mechanical machining equipment. With the continuous development of science and technology, the current large-scale CNC gantry milling machining technology and equipment are already in the process of high efficiency, high safety and intelligence. What is the development trend of large-scale CNC gantry milling machining?

The Future Development Trend Of Large-Scale CNC Gantry Milling

1. Performance development trend

Efficiency, speed and accuracy are the key performance indicators of machining. Large-scale CNC gantry milling adopts high-speed CPU chips, multi-CPU control systems and AC digital servo systems. At the same time, measures are taken to improve the dynamic and static characteristics of the machine tool to allow large-scale CNC gantry milling. The speed, efficiency and accuracy of milling machining have been greatly improved.

The MTBF value of the numerical control device used in the current large-scale numerical control gantry milling machining equipment in foreign countries can reach more than 6000h, and the MTBF value of the servo system can reach more than 30,000h, and the reliability is very high. With the development of science and technology in the future, CPU chips will reach higher speeds, servo systems will also be more complete, and the performance of large-scale CNC gantry milling will be greatly improved.

2. Function development trend

The CNC system is an important part of large-scale CNC gantry milling. The operator operates the CNC system through the user interface to control the large-scale CNC gantry milling to process the workpiece.

Because different users have different requirements for the interface, the workload of developing the user interface is huge. The user interface has become one of the most difficult parts in the development of computer software. The appearance of the graphical user interface greatly facilitates the use of non-professional users. It can be operated through windows and menus, which is convenient for blueprint programming and fast programming, three-dimensional color dynamic graphics display, graphics simulation, graphics dynamic tracking and simulation, different directions of views and partial display scaling functions.

With the upgrading of the numerical control system and the upgrading of the user interface somatosensory, the functions of large-scale CNC gantry milling will be further developed in the future.

3. Structural development trend

The current large-scale CNC gantry milling machining uses highly integrated CPU/RISC chips, large-scale programmable integrated FPGA/EPLD/CPLD and application-specific integrated circuit ASIC chips, which can improve the integration of the CNC system and the speed of software and hardware.

Application of FPD flat panel display technology can improve display performance. Flat panel displays have the advantages of high technology content, light weight, small size, low power consumption, and easy portability. They can achieve super-large display and become an emerging display technology that can compete with crt. The mainstream of Century Display technology applies advanced packaging and interconnection technology, integrates semiconductor and surface mount technology, reduces product prices, improves performance, reduces component size, and improves system performance by increasing integrated circuit density and reducing interconnection length and quantity. reliability. With the further development of intelligent technology, the size of chips and integrated circuits will be smaller and smaller, and the structure of Jieshi's large-scale CNC gantry milling equipment will be greatly improved.

With the continuous exploration of human beings, the development of science and technology will be limitless. The future large-scale CNC gantry milling machining will also get greater development, and the future intelligent world will make large-scale CNC gantry milling machining more intelligent.

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