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The Types Of Large-Scale CNC Boring Machining


Large-scale CNC boring machines are often used to process parts in mechanical machining. Large-scale CNC boring machines are mainly processed with boring tools for boring, but also can mill faces, turn flanges, and cut threads. So what are the types of large-scale CNC boring machines? 

The Types Of Large-Scale CNC Boring Machining

1. Horizontal CNC boring machine machining

Horizontal CNC boring machine machining, also known as universal boring machine machining, can simultaneously enter hole machining, turning end face, turning flange, turning surface, turning surface, turning surface, grinding and milling surface and other machining technologies at the same time. These machining techniques are usually suitable for machining box parts with relatively large size, high precision requirements and strict requirements on the position between different parts.

2. Floor CNC boring machine machining

Floor CNC boring machine machining is mainly to process some large and heavy equipment. The advantages of floor-standing CNC boring machine machining are mainly centralized operation, versatile machining methods, high sensitivity of moving parts and convenient operation.

3. Machining on coordinate boring machine

The machining of the coordinate boring machine is mainly to process some holes with high boring accuracy requirements, or to process the hole system with high mutual position accuracy. The coordinate boring machine machining equipment is equipped with a precision measuring device, and the machining position can be determined by rectangular coordinates during machining. The biggest advantage of jig boring machine machining is high machining accuracy.

4. Diamond boring machine machining

Diamond boring machine machining is also known as high-speed precision boring machine machining. It has a fast cutting speed, a very small amount of back-feeding and a feed rate. It is usually used to process workpieces with high surface requirements and precision holes for mass production.

Large-scale CNC boring machine machining has four common categories: horizontal CNC boring machine machining, floor-standing CNC boring machine machining, jig boring machine machining, and diamond boring machine machining, which are relatively common in mechanical machining. What kind of large-scale CNC boring machine machining needs to be selected when performing machining, then it is necessary to select the appropriate large-scale CNC boring machine machining method according to the machining requirements of the workpiece.

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