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The Application Of Sensor Technology In CNC Machining Process


With the development of the times, more and more intelligent, in the traditional processing industry such as precision mechanical parts cnc machining, there are also many modern high-tech applications. The purpose of sensing detection in the machining and cutting process is to optimize the productivity, manufacturing cost, or (metal) material removal rate of the cutting process.

 The Application Of Sensor Technology In CNC Machining Process

The targets detected by the cutting process sensor include the cutting force and its changes during the cutting process, chattering during the cutting process, the contact between the tool and the workpiece, the state of the chips during cutting, and the identification of the cutting process, etc. The important sensing parameters include cutting force and cutting process. Vibration, acoustic emission during cutting, power of motor during cutting, etc.

For the operation of the machine tool, the main sensor detection targets include the drive system, bearing and slewing system, temperature monitoring and control and safety, etc., and its sensor parameters include the downtime of the machine tool, the surface roughness and machining accuracy of the workpiece. , Power, state of machine tool and flow of cooling lubricating fluid, etc.

In the process of machining workpieces of precision mechanical parts, sensor technology is used for process identification, to identify whether the processing process performed is a process required for processing (parts); to identify whether the workpiece or blank sent to the machine tool to be processed is a requirement The processed work piece or blank; at the same time, it is also required to identify whether the posture of the work piece installation is the posture required by the process regulations.

In addition, workpiece recognition and workpiece installation monitoring can also be used to sense the machining allowance and surface defects of the blank or workpiece to be processed. Sensor technology is more important for the processing of precision mechanical parts to reduce the accident rate. Now the tool detection sensor is equipped on the machine tool to effectively prevent the occurrence of such incidents.

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