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Points To Pay Attention To When Mold Parts Are Overhauled


In order to better use mold accessories, we need to conduct detailed inspection and maintenance during use. This can not only prevent mold accessories from accidents, but also extend the service life of molds, but in order to better use mold accessories, we When testing, it is best to pay attention to the following major points, which are of great help to the use of mold accessories.

Points To Pay Attention To When Mold Parts Are Overhauled

  • 1. Check whether there is an early warning of rust or moisture at the air diffuser. If you find rust or moisture near the hot runner exhaust hole, it means that the internal condensation, or the water pipe may be broken. Humidity can cause a fatal short circuit to the heater. If the machine is not running all year round and needs to be shut down at night or on weekends, then the chance of this kind of condensation will increase.
  • 2. Remember to remind the operator not to "clean up" the hot nozzle at the gate. If the operator happens to see a small piece of stainless steel at the nozzle of the mold, it may be a nozzle component. "Cleaning up" this seemingly obstructive thing often ruins the hot mouth. In order not to damage the hot nozzle, please confirm the nozzle type of the hot runner system before taking any action, and make sure that all operators are well-trained and can recognize the different types of nozzles you touch.
  • 3. Slide stop buckle. For machines that run all year round, this work should be done once a week. And the end of the year is a good time to give these parts a routine lubrication maintenance.
  • 4. Cross-check the resistance value of the heater. You should have measured the resistance of the heater when you first started using it, and the end of the year is when you measure and compare it again. If the resistance value fluctuates by ±10%, consider replacing the heater to ensure that it will not fail at a critical moment in the production process. If the initial resistance value has never been measured, measure it once now and use the obtained value as reference data for future inspections of the heater.
  • 5. Check for signs of wear between the guide post and the guide sleeve. Look for signs of scratches or abrasions. This kind of mold parts wear is caused by lack of lubrication. If the marks just appear, then you can extend their life by adding lubricant to the guide post and guide sleeve. If the wear is severe, new parts should be replaced. Otherwise, the cavity and the core part may not fit well, resulting in different thicknesses of the cavity wall of the parts.

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