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The Machining Method Of Constant Velocity Plane Spiral Surface


The Machining Method Of Constant Velocity Plane Spiral Surface

When the contour curve of the straight forming surface on the workpiece is more complicated, it has not only straight lines and arcs, but also curves with other shapes, such as constant velocity spirals, constant acceleration and constant deceleration spirals, certain regular function curves and irregular When it is composed of non-functional curves, it can be called a complex forming surface.


In the machining of precision parts, the plane constant velocity spiral surface is a common and typical linear forming surface. The characteristic of this constant velocity curve is that when the curve rotates through the same angle, the curve moves the same distance in the radial direction.

Compared with the simple forming surface connected by arcs and straight lines, its complexity is much more complicated than ordinary precision parts processing.

The working curve of the disc cam often adopts a plane constant velocity spiral surface, and the main points of the processing method are as follows:

  • 1) Calculate the three elements of the plane spiral surface: lift amount, lift rate, lead.
  • 2) Calculate the exchange gear of the indexing head or motorized turntable according to the lead.
  • 3) Install and align the indexing head or rotary table.
  • 4) Scribe lines on the surface of the workpiece.
  • 5) Install and align the workpiece.
  • 6) Configure exchange gears and check the lead.
  • 7) Adjust the relative position of the milling cutter and the workpiece.
  • 8) Coarse and fine milling plane helicoids.

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