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Application Of CF / PEEK Materials In The Medical Device Industry


Application Of CF / PEEK Materials In The Medical Device Industry

In recent years, continuous CF / PEEK composite materials have appeared frequently at medical device exhibitions, and they have also begun to show up in medical device companies. What are the unique advantages of this composite material so attractive to the medical device industry?

Application Of CF / PEEK Materials In The Medical Device Industry-PTJ CNC MACHINING Shop
Application Of CF / PEEK Materials In The Medical Device Industry -PTJ CNC MACHINING Shop

What Is CF / PEEK?

Continuous CF / PEEK composite material refers to continuous carbon fiber CF as the reinforcement and PEEK, the first of special engineering plastics, as the matrix. The two are formed by high temperature and high pressure molding process, and the resin material is immersed in carbon fiber. The two are organically combined. A composite material.

CF / PEEK Performance

Compared with conventional continuous CF reinforced epoxy-based composites, PEEK has a wider range of clinical applications and better performance. Epoxy resin is a typical thermosetting resin matrix. Compared with PEEK, epoxy resin has the characteristics of greater brittleness and relatively low temperature resistance. At the same time, epoxy resin has poor hydrolysis resistance. The elongation is between 5-7%, and the elongation of PEEK resin can reach more than 20%. The high toughness of PEEK material makes up for the defects of epoxy resin. The toughness is good, the material is destined to have good fatigue resistance, good interlayer bonding and not easy to crack. Therefore, continuous CF reinforced epoxy resin composite materials are widely used in medical operating tables, fixed frames, bed and other materials, and are not suitable for surgery for the manufacture of orthopedic surgical instruments.

The pure PEEK resin matrix material has a long-term temperature resistance above 260 ° C. Continuous CF / PEEK composite materials greatly improve the temperature resistance of PEEK machining materials. Related research shows that the temperature resistance temperature of continuous CF / PEEK composite materials is close to the melting point of PEEK, which is 334. ℃, high temperature resistance and low hydrolysis characteristics make CF-PEEK materials made of equipment products can withstand repeated high temperature and high pressure humid heat sterilization.

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Compared with traditional aluminum alloy and stainless steel, the density of aluminum alloy is 2.8g / cm3, the density of stainless steel is 7.3g / cm3, and the density of continuous CF / PEEK composite material is 1.5-1.6g / cm3. It is light in weight but high in strength. The test results show that some properties of CF-PEEK have exceeded stainless steel. At the same time, continuous carbon fiber-reinforced PEEK has good X-ray transmission, making clinical surgery more intuitive and safe. The carbon fiber reinforced material does not have the cold feeling of metal on the touch, which makes the doctor feel more comfortable during the operation.

Compared with the traditional carbon fiber powder modified PEEKCF30 material, CF-PEEK's high strength and high model characteristics give the composite material high strength, modulus and anti-deformation characteristics. The mechanical strength is increased by at least 3 times, and the modulus is also increased by at least 3 times. Has better dimensional stability and resistance to deformation.

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