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Division principles of lathe machining processes and steps


Division Of Lathe Machining Processes And Steps

Division Of Lathe Machining Processes And Steps-PTJ CNC MACHINING Shop
Division Of Lathe Machining Processes And Steps-PTJ CNC MACHINING Shop

The Principle Of Division Of CNC Lathe Machining Process

1. Dividing the process by the clamping positioning of parts

 Because the shape of each part is different, and the technical requirements of each surface are also different, the positioning methods are different in machining. Generally, when machining the shape of a part, it is positioned inside; when machining the shape of a part, it is positioned outside. Processes can be divided according to different positioning methods.

2. Machining according to rough and fine processes

When dividing processes according to factors such as cnc part machining accuracy, stiffness, and deformation, the process can be divided according to the principle of roughing and finishing, that is, roughing and then finishing. At this time, you can use different machine tools or different tools for machining. Usually in one installation, it is not allowed to process some part of the surface of the part and then process other parts of the part.

In order to reduce the number of tool changes, shorten the idle travel time, and reduce unnecessary positioning errors, you can use the same tool to centralize the machining steps to divide the machining steps of the parts. Whenever possible, use the same tool to machine all parts that can be processed, and then replace the other parts of the part with another tool. This method is often used in special CNC machine tools and machining centers.

Division of work method steps

The division of work steps is mainly considered from the two aspects of hardware component machining accuracy and production efficiency. It is often necessary to use different cutting tools and cutting amounts to process different surfaces in a process. In order to facilitate the analysis and description of complex parts, it is subdivided into work steps within the process. The principle of division of work steps is:

  • 1. The same surface is completed by roughing, semi-finishing, and finishing, or all the machining surfaces are separated by roughing and finishing.
  • 2. For parts that have both a milling plane and a boring surface, the plane can be milled first and then bored for machining. Because the work steps are divided according to this method, the machining accuracy of the hole can be improved. Because the cutting force is large when milling a plane, hardware parts are prone to deformation. Milling the plane first and then boring it can restore its deformation for a period of time, and reduce the impact of the deformation on the accuracy of the hole.
  • 3. CNC lathe machining is divided into working steps according to the use of tools. The turning time of some machine tool tables is shorter than the tool changing time. You can use the division of working steps according to the tool used to reduce the number of tool changes and improve the machining efficiency.

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