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China Common Surface Treatment Technology Of Aluminum Parts


China Common Surface Treatment Technology Of Aluminum Parts

For the machining of aluminum parts, the colors that can be achieved by anodizing are relatively limited, usually silver, bronze, titanium, K gold or black. As for sometimes seeing a lot of his colors are processed through another process.

China Common Surface Treatment Technology Of Aluminum Parts
China Common Surface Treatment Technology Of Aluminum Parts

On the basis of anodizing, the surface treatment is evenly covered with a layer of water-soluble acrylic paint film through the corrosive external effect, so that the surface of the profile will form an anodized film and an acrylic paint film composite film. The texture is smooth and delicate, and the appearance is bright and bright. In addition to producing the colors of the original oxidation coloring, it can make more bright colors such as white and green.

Color powder spraying has a total of more than 200 color options, giving designers a wide space, stable performance, strong paint film adhesion, not easy to peel, acid resistance, salt spray resistance, mortar resistance, weather resistance, aging resistance and other excellent performance. The coating is non-volatile, non-oxidizing, non-poisoning in the air, and has good environmental performance.

 The surface dirt is refreshed after washing

Color fluorocarbon spraying is sprayed with polyvinylidene fluoride paint coating on the surface of aluminum alloy substrate through electrostatic action. Fluorocarbon coatings are vinylidene fluoride and fluorocarbon coatings. Therefore, it can have long-term color retention, anti-aging, anti-corrosion and anti-air pollution. Its fluorocarbon bond is one of the strongest molecular bonds superior to the molecular structure of its polymer. Fluorocarbon spraying is used as a high-end surface coating process. More than 160 rich colors are enough to provide endless design space for architects and designers. It has the advantages of uniform color and excellent resistance to fading and staining

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