What Are The Core Treatment Technologies For Aluminum Alloy Hard Oxidation?

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What Are The Core Treatment Technologies For Aluminum Alloy Hard Oxidation?


Predicting Hard Oxidation Processes

Many people do not understand why hard oxidation is required, but many products are very necessary for hard oxidation. Hard Oxidation, Dongguan Hard Oxidation Plant, Oxidation Plant, Aluminum Hard Oxygen, Anodizing With the establishment of industrial treatment methods, the quality performance standards have also begun to be clear.

 The Core Treatment Technologies For Aluminum Alloy Hard Oxidation
The Core Treatment Technologies For Aluminum Alloy Hard Oxidation

Surface pre-treatment before hard oxidation has a great influence on the final appearance and state of the surface. Different surface treatments can obtain a variety of patterns.

A hard molybdenum oxide hydroxide film was formed on the surface of the sample before the anodizing treatment, and the hardness obtained by oxidation with thiosuccinic acid-sulfuric acid was as high as 690 HV. In fact, it is very simple, that is, the surface of the pot will absorb a certain amount of oil and use it for a certain period of time.

This is the same reason as our ordinary iron pot does not stick for a long time. The difference is that because the iron pot is cast Yes, there is a gap in the pot body, the pot body is eating oil as a whole. After a long time, the pot body is corroded and the iron is deteriorated accordingly. The surface of the smokeless pot is hard because of the hard oxidation. It is oil-permeable, so the smokeless pot can be used safely for a long time. This effect can also be obtained by passivation, or after a short period of electrolysis with aluminum as the cathode in an oxidant aqueous solution, and then anodizing in a sulfuric acid solution, a film with high surface hardness and small dynamic friction coefficient can also be obtained. 

Possible thickness and dimensional tolerances of the oxide film, and then determine the actual size of the part before anodizing, so that after processing, it meets the specified tolerance range. The hard-oxidized film layer also has the following characteristics. In order to improve the functional quality of the hard-oxidized film, some people have tried to form a kind of film on the surface to improve the hardness of the film before ordinary pretreatment.

  • A. Excellent insulation, breakdown voltage up to 1500V. Through our understanding, I think the advantages of hard oxidation treatment of the product are very obvious.
  • B. Improve the surface hardness and hair burst resistance of aluminum or its alloy, and the surface hardness can reach HV500.
  • C. Enhanced corrosion resistance, no corrosion after thousands of hours in neutral salt spray.
  • D. Meet Rosh standards.
  • E. Good heat resistance. It is also difficult to have a clear dividing line in the taste grades of various aluminum materials.

Some of the standard methods mentioned below are only suitable for general inspection, and these standard methods are determined based on the end use of aluminum. It is mainly used on aluminum and aluminum alloy parts that require high wear resistance, heat resistance, and good insulation properties. Such as various parts of the inner wall of the cylinder, pistons, plugs, cylinders, bearings, aircraft cargo floor, rollers and guides, hydraulic equipment, steam impellers, levelers, gears and cushions. 

During hard anodizing, the size of the part must be changed. Therefore, during machining, the possible thickness and dimensional tolerances of the oxide film must be predicted, and then the actual size of the part before anodizing is determined so that it can meet the specified tolerance range after processing . Generally, the size of the part is increased by about half of the thickness of the oxide film. PTJ Shop specializes in the production and processing of hard oxygen, hard oxidation, hard anodizing, color oxidation, aluminum oxidation, ordinary anodizing, sandblasting anodizing, and wire drawing anodizing.

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