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What Are The Characteristics Of Hard Oxidation?


The Characteristics Of Hard Oxidation

Hard oxidation process characteristics: The hard anodized electrolyte is electrolyzed at a temperature of about -10 ° C to + 5 ° C.

The Characteristics Of Hard Oxidation
The Characteristics Of Hard Oxidation

Since the oxide film layer formed by hard anodization has a high resistance, it will directly affect the oxidation of the current intensity. The film layer is thicker, hard and wear-resistant, and better corrosion resistance can be obtained after sealing. The difference in the number of oxide layers means different thicknesses, and the quality of the oxide layers means that the density of the oxide layers is different. 

The result is uneven thickness of the oxidized surface with dots, and the effect is very poor. The film is colorless and transparent, with strong adsorption capacity and easy to color;

The temperature range of the anodizing solution exceeds 35 ° C to avoid or reduce the loosening or powdering of the oxide film. — Some process tests and production practices have confirmed that adding an appropriate amount of carboxylic acid or glycerol to the sulfuric acid anodizing electrolyte can effectively reduce the adverse effects of reaction thermal effects, lower machining voltage and less power consumption; the process does not require changing the voltage cycle.

The pores of the oxide film are small because the oxidation temperature is too low, which inhibits the film from being dissolved by sulfuric acid. You can increase the oxidation temperature to avoid this problem. The hard anodized film has a melting point of 2320K, excellent insulation, a breakdown voltage of up to 2000V, enhanced corrosion resistance, and does not corrode in the omega = 0.03NaCl salt spray for thousands of hours.

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