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Tooth Profile Gear Machining Method Introduction


Tooth Profile Gear Machining Method Introduction

The machining of a gear consists of several processes. In order to obtain tooth profile that meet the accuracy requirements, the entire machining process is serviced around the tooth profile machining-process.

Tooth Profile Gear Machining
Tooth Profile Gear Machining Method Introduction

There are many methods for tooth profile machining. According to whether there is cutting in machining, it can be divided into two categories: non-cutting and cutting.

Non-cutting includes new technologies such as hot-rolled gears, cold-rolled gears, precision forging, powder metallurgy and so on. Non-cutting has a series of advantages such as high productivity, less material consumption, and low cost. It has been widely used. However, because of its low machining accuracy, the process is not stable enough, and it is difficult to adopt especially when the production batch is small. These disadvantages limit its use.

The tooth shape has cutting machining and has good machining accuracy. It is still the main machining method of tooth shape. According to its machining principle, it can be divided into two methods: forming method and forming method.
The forming method is characterized in that the shape of the cutting edge of the tool used is the same as the shape of the groove of the gear being cut. The method of machining the tooth shape by the forming principle includes: milling the teeth on a milling machine with a gear milling cutter, grinding the teeth with a forming wheel, and pulling the teeth with a gear broach. These methods have low machining accuracy due to indexing errors and tool installation errors, and generally can only produce gears with 9-10 grade accuracy. 

In addition, the process requires multiple discrete tooth splits, and productivity is low. Therefore, it is mainly used for gears with low machining accuracy in single-piece small batch production and repair work.

The flattening method is processed using the principle of gear meshing. The tooth profile processed by this method is the envelope of the cutting trajectory of the cutting edge of the tool. Gears with different numbers of teeth can be machined with the same tool as long as the modulus and tooth angle are the same. 

The method of machining tooth shape by the development principle includes: hobbing, inserting, shaving, honing, and grinding. Among them, shaving teeth, palate teeth and grinding teeth belong to the finishing method of tooth shape. The forming method has high machining accuracy and productivity, and the tool is versatile, so it is widely used in production.

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