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3 Application Methods of Aluminum Profile Machining in Aviation Industry


3 Application Methods of Aluminum Profile Machining in Aviation Industry

As the aviation industry becomes more powerful and the competition is fierce, in the case of seeking word of mouth, the aviation parts themselves must be securely put in place.

Aluminum Profile Machining in Aviation Industry
Three Application Methods of Aluminum Profile Processing in Aviation Industry

And now aluminum profiles are extremely demanding in the aviation industry, especially high-speed military and civil aircraft require the use of more complete semi-finished products to make the structure of each component more reasonable, to ensure that the structural quality is lighter, and the strength and rigidity are greater. Significantly reduce the number of parts, reduce the cost of paddle assembly, jointing and maintenance, and ensure a perfect and beautiful surface (good sealing, no joints, no deformation, etc.). Let's take a look at the three applications of aluminum profile machining in the aviation industry.

  • 1. Large industrial aluminum profiles are particularly important structural aircraft parts, which require excellent mechanical properties. Therefore, aluminum profiles must be customized for industrial aluminum alloy profiles using hard aluminum or super-hard aluminum alloys for extrusion production;
  • 2. As the industrial aluminum profile is used as the structural part of the key parts of the aircraft, it requires good comprehensive performance and uniform organization, especially the finished product has very strict requirements. The coarse crystal ring defect in the quenched product after extrusion is difficult to avoid, and it is also one of the research topics of the Minde aluminum 868 profile proportion table for which extrusion workers around the world have struggled for decades without much effect;
  • 3. For aluminum profiles such as cross beams and comb-shaped joint plates, on the one hand, the large cross-sectional area often results in a relatively small extrusion deformation coefficient, and on the other hand, it must bear large loads in the transverse and high directions. Therefore, it is required to have high mechanical properties in the lateral and high directions. This contradiction is often an important reason for scrapping aluminum profiles.

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