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Features And Design Of Propeller Shaft Forging Process


Features And Design Of Propeller Shaft Forging Process

The main characteristics of propeller shafts forged are the large diameter of the flange and the length of the body. Three forged schemes have been determined according to the shape of the forged and the conditions of the existing hydraulic presses in the factory:

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Features And Design Of Propeller Shaft Forging Process
  • (1) Option 1, using 800mm upper flat anvil and lower platform compaction process;
  • (2) Option two, using 900mm upper and lower V-shaped anvil compaction process;
  • (3) Option three, without using compaction technology, directly use a 650mm upper flat anvil to pull the V-anvil.

The simulation software deform-3d was used to simulate the three schemes, and the stress analysis of the three schemes was performed. A cross section of 400 mm from the end face of the forging was selected, and the stress analysis was performed once. All three schemes are subject to lateral tensile stress, while the first and second schemes are subject to less lateral tensile stress. All three schemes have axial tensile stress during forged. The first and second schemes have similar axial tensile stresses, but the second scheme has a smaller area of axial tensile stress. Therefore, the stress state of the second scheme is better.

In order to obtain good forging quality, when forging a forged, it is required to forge the entire forged. It is generally believed that when the equivalent strain of the core of the forging reaches 0.2, the forging is completely forged.

The equal effects at the center positions of the first and third schemes became 0.18 and 0.02, while the equal effects at the center position of the second scheme became 0.3. In the second scheme, the equivalent strain value of the forged core is the largest after forging, which is most beneficial to improve the quality of the forged core. 

Therefore, using the second method, the center of the forging will produce a better stress state and a larger equivalent strain to promote the compaction of the loose area in the center of the ingot.

Design of the forged process

In summary, a 90t steel ingot upsetting process was designed using the KD method for drawing long forgings:

  • The first fire: press the jaws, chamfer, and go low.
  • Second fire: upsetting to a height of 1,850mm, a diameter of 2350mm, and drawing to a diameter of 1500mm by the KD method.
  • The third fire: blanking, finished ship propellers.

Forging heating specifications, the first fire heating temperature is 1220 ° C, the holding time is 8h, the second fire heating temperature is 1250 ° C, the holding time is 15.5h, the third fire heating temperature is 1220 ° C, and the holding time is 8h.

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