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What is a quick connector?


Introduction to the classification and selection methods

What is a quick connector? A quick connector is a connector that allows the pipe to be connected or disconnected without the need for tools.Some of the more common ones are quick water fittings, quick couplings for tubing, and so on. As you can see, you should have seen it in your life.

quick connector
quick connectors

In order to adapt to the differences in the characteristics of different connectors for quick connectors, there are many types of products produced by quick connector manufacturers, but it is a trouble for many consumers. The understanding of the quick connector models is not very clear. The quick connector does not know which model to choose. So, first of all, we should first understand the classification and application of quick connectors.

The quick connector can be mainly divided into two types: male and female. The four models B, C, D and DC which will be introduced below are female (with pull), and A, E, F and DP are male ( No ears).

  • The Type A quick connector is a male connector that has no tabs on either side. The connection at one end is directly engaged with the female connector with the pull tab and the other end is internally threaded.
  • The B-type quick connector has a pull ear at each end and belongs to the female head. One end is connected to the male card and the other end is externally threaded.
  • Type C quick connector, which has two pull ears and belongs to the female head. It has a head directly attached to the male head and the other end is directly inserted into the hose (leather tube). Therefore, the C type quick connector can also be called a leather tube. Connector or hose quick connector.
  • The D-type quick connector is a female head with a pull tab on each side. The reason why it is called the D-type quick connector is because the connection at one end is quick and easy to remove directly with the connection of the pull card, and the other end is the internal thread connection.
  • The E-type quick connector is a male connector. It does not have a lug. It is usually used in conjunction with a quick connector with a pull ear to achieve the quick-release and quick-release effect. The connection at the end is directly connected to the female head and the other end. It is inserted directly into the leather tube and hose.
  • The F-type quick connector is a male connector. It has no lugs on both sides, so it is generally used with the female connector with the pull ear, so that it can achieve the effect of quick disassembly and installation, so one end is directly and the mother with the ear. The head is directly attached to the card, while the other end is externally threaded.
  • The DC type quick connector is a female head with a pull ear on each side. It has only one end connected to the other and the other is a plug. This is a new plug.
  • The DP type quick connector can also be called a quick plug because it is a plug type. It is a male head with only one head connected directly to the card and the other end blocked.

Understand what is a quick connector, and how to choose a quick connection. At the time of selection, we should also pay attention to the type of fluid, temperature, pressure, the structure of the automatic opening and closing valve, the environment of the quick connector, and confirm the selected quick connector connection thread. Consistent and the shape, size, etc. of the installation. If you want to learn more about quick connectors, you can continue to follow PTJ Shop, which will recommend relevant content for you.

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