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China's automotive mold development prospects are broad


The rapid development of China's automobile industry has brought a broad development space for domestic automobile molds. In addition, due to cost and market factors, the focus of mold manufacturing in developed countries has gradually shifted to developing countries represented by China. Comprehensive factors at home and abroad have promoted the rapid development of the domestic automotive mold industry, and many emerging automotive mold companies have emerged. According to statistics, in 2012, China's key backbone mold companies reached nearly 110. Among them, stamping dies account for about 37%, and China has become a veritable automobile mold manufacturing country.

China's automotive mold development prospects are broad

China's automotive mold development prospects are promising. China's automotive mold production capacity is extremely advantageous in the world. However, due to the slow technological improvement of domestic high-end automotive mold companies, technical innovation capabilities, and insufficient capabilities in research and development and application of new mold technologies, domestic high-end molds The development capability of the company still cannot fully meet the supporting needs of the domestic automobile industry, and a large part of high-end automobile molds still need to rely on imports. Therefore, the domestic automobile mold industry needs to make up for this shortcoming as soon as possible to make up for a major shortcoming of China's automobile mold industry.

As China’s top ten industries for revitalization, China’s automobile industry has been supported by national policies and, together with the promotion of autos to the countryside, all major auto companies in China have increased their production. In 2012, China’s auto production exceeded 19 million vehicles, maintaining its position as the world’s number one in production and sales. . Luo Baihui said that to manufacture an ordinary car itself requires about 1,500 molds, including nearly 1,000 stamping molds and more than 200 interior trim molds. Affected by the rapid development of China's automotive industry, China's automotive mold industry has shown rapid growth, and its market capacity has continued to expand. Calculated according to the level of developed countries in the automobile industry such as Japan and the United States, if the proportion of China's mold service to the automobile manufacturing industry reaches 40% by 2015, the total sales of China's automobile mold industry will reach 70 billion yuan by 2015.

With the gradual increase of China's automobile production year by year, domestic and foreign automobile mold companies have shown their talents in the Chinese automobile market, meeting the hot domestic demand and export demand to a certain extent, and at the same time, it has created a good situation for the upgrading of China's automobile mold industry Opportunity. It can be seen that the prospects of China's automobile mold industry are very broad.

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