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What Is Cnc Cutting?


What Is Cnc Cutting?

CNC cutting,It refers to the workpiece command (or program) used to control the machine tool or equipment. It is a new control method given in digital form. 

When the command is supplied to the control unit of the CNC automatic cutting machine, the cutting machine can automatically cut according to a given program.

CNC cutting technology is an organic combination of traditional processing technology and computer numerical control technology, computer aided design and auxiliary manufacturing technology. CNC cutting consists of two parts: the numerical control system and the mechanical structure. Compared with traditional manual and semi-automatic cutting, CNC cutting can effectively control and improve cutting quality and cutting efficiency through the cutting technology, cutting process and automatic control technology provided by the numerical control system.

Cnc Cutting Definition

CNC flame, plasma, laser and water jet cutting machines, according to the optimized nesting cutting program provided by CNC cutting nesting software for full-time, automatic, efficient, high-quality, high-utilization CNC cutting. It is represents the modern high-tech production method, and is the combination of advanced optimized nesting calculation technology and computer numerical control technology and cutting machinery.

what is cnc cutting?


1.     Advantages: The CNC nesting software effectively improves the utilization rate of steel by computer drawing, part optimization nesting and numerical control programming, and improves the working efficiency of cutting production preparation. The CNC cutting machine effectively controls and improves the cutting quality and cutting efficiency through the cutting technology, cutting process and automatic control technology provided by the numerical control system.

2.     Disadvantages: CNC cutting is more complicated due to higher cutting efficiency. If you do not use or use optimized nesting programming software, steel waste will be more serious, resulting in faster cutting, more cutting, and more waste. many. The numerical control system is the controller. It is the heart of the CNC cutting machine. If the CNC system is not used, or the CNC system does not have the cutting process and cutting experience, it will lead to cutting quality problems, thus reducing the cutting efficiency and causing waste of steel. It also loses the automation of CNC cutting, high efficiency, high quality and high utilization.


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