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The Design Standards For Electronic Enclosures


The Design Standards For Electronic Enclosures

The panel design of the industrial chassis is an important part of the chassis design. The panel design needs to meet the standards of the chassis design. The size of the panel is determined after the chassis type and size are determined. The selection and layout of various operating and display devices on the panel should be based on the requirements of the electrical schematic diagram, ergonomics, and Comprehensive consideration of styling, ventilation and other factors.

The Design Standards For Electronic Enclosures
The Design Standards For Electronic Enclosures. -PTJ CNC MACHINING Shop

1. Ensure the realization of product technical indicators

In the process of chassis design, it is necessary to consider the electromagnetic interference and thermal effects between the internal components and components of the chassis to improve the stability of electrical performance; attention must be paid to the strength and rigidity of the chassis to avoid deformation, resulting in poor electrical contact, Doors and connectors are stuck, or even damaged after vibration; corresponding measures must be taken according to the actual working environment and conditions of use to improve the reliability and service life of the equipment, and to ensure the realization of product technical indicators.

2. Facilitate the operation, use, installation and maintenance of the equipment

In order to operate and use the equipment effectively, the structural design of the chassis must conform to the psychological and physiological characteristics of people. At the same time, it is also required to have a simple structure and easy assembly and disassembly. The controller and display device on the panel must be reasonably selected and arranged, and the personal safety of the operator must be considered.

3. Good structure and craftsmanship

The structure and the craft are closely related. Different structures have different crafts, and the quality of the chassis structure design must be guaranteed by good craftsmanship measures. Therefore, the designer must consider its structure and manufacturability in combination with the actual production.

4. Modular and standardized design

Standardization is an important technical and economic policy and management measure of the country. It plays an important role in improving product quality and productivity, ease of use and maintenance, strengthening enterprise management, and reducing production costs. In the design of the chassis structure, it is necessary to minimize the number of special parts and components, increase the number of general-purpose parts, and use standardized and standardized parts, components and size series as much as possible (as far as possible, use standard library and national standard parts).

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