3D printers let cultural and creative products into the general public

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3D printers let cultural and creative products into the general public


Product creation has emerged in recent years. It uses the symbolic meaning, aesthetic characteristics, humanistic spirit, and cultural elements of the original artwork to interpret and reconstruct the original artwork. Through the designer’s own cultural understanding, the original artwork The combination of the cultural elements of the product and the creativity of the product itself forms a new type of cultural and creative product. As small as a roll of tape, a piece of sportswear, as large as a car, a building, etc., may become cultural and creative products.

3D printers let cultural and creative products into the general public

There is a good saying: "Sometimes what customers buy is not the product, but the serious attitude, service philosophy and sentimental spirit of the business." In fact, the cultural and creative products sell a kind of culture and a kind of sentiment, which is just a direct hit. Today’s consumer’s pain point needs, and the cultural and creative products of the Forbidden City have achieved this very well. Whether it’s “unavailable” tapes, “cute” refrigerator stickers, or reissues of famous paintings, they will be ancient Combining culture and modernity, while grasping the psychology of young people, it has invisibly inherited the extensive and profound traditional culture.

However, it is undeniable that although cultural and creative products "capture" a lot of attention, it cannot conceal the fact that cultural and creative products currently on the market are still at a relatively superficial level and have not truly entered the daily lives of ordinary people. The main reason is Reflected in the high price and insufficient creativity. How to better create cultural and creative products? Promote the development of the cultural and creative industry? In response to this problem, the editor believes that creating cultural and creative products based on 3D printing technology is a good choice for now!

3D printing is a bridge connecting creativity and reality. With the feature of "design is production", everyone can become a designer and creator, and can design products as they please. The application of 3D printing technology to cultural and creative products can liberate our Hands, expand our thinking, create more creative and cultural products, so as to truly serve the cultural creative industry.

In addition, the traditional production process has the characteristics of high cost, long production cycle, and mass production. While increasing the cost, it is also difficult to meet the personalized production needs of cultural and creative products. The emergence of 3D printing happens to solve this problem. 3D printing has many advantages such as on-demand manufacturing, reduction of waste by-products, multiple combinations of materials, accurate physical reproduction, and portable manufacturing. These advantages can reduce manufacturing costs by about 50%, shorten the processing cycle by 70%, and realize the integration of design and manufacturing and complex manufacturing.

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