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​Modified plastic companies are rising in the endeavor!


Modified plastics are intermediate products in the petrochemical industry chain. They are mainly processed from five general-purpose plastics and five engineering plastics as a plastic matrix.

Modified plastic companies are rising in the endeavor!

 They have the characteristics of flame retardancy, impact resistance, high toughness, and ease of processing. Under the situation of rapid development of the industry, the development of modified plastics enterprises is also like a broken bamboo. According to authoritative statistics, the global modified plastics market is expected to exceed the market value of 352 billion U.S. dollars in 2019. The demand for modified plastics in the Asia-Pacific region, especially in China, has further increased, driving the development of modified plastics companies represented by Jinfa Technology. International chemical giants monopolize the modified plastics market. How can modified plastics companies seize the opportunity to achieve transformation and upgrading, and how to complete the transformation from small and micro enterprises to leaders?

A well-known consulting company has made relevant market data statistics. In 2012, the global demand for modified plastics was 125 million tons. It is expected that this value will increase to 170 million tons in 2019. During 2013-2019, the global demand for modified plastics will compound every year. The growth rate may reach 4.7%. In terms of market value, the company said that the total value of modified plastics worldwide in 2012 was US$255 billion, and this value is expected to exceed US$352 billion in 2019. In particular, the market demand for modified plastics in the Asia-Pacific region will further expand, and its demand for modified plastics will increase to 65 million tons in 2019.

According to data released by China Industry Information Network, the output of modified plastics in China increased from 5.7 million tons in 2009 to more than 10 million tons in 2016, and the modification rate increased from 8% in 2004 to 19% in 2016. At the same time, China's modified plastics industry has initially achieved specialization and scale during the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period; during the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, the modified plastics industry has achieved functional and high-quality products; now it has entered the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period. In the 13th Five-Year Plan, the modified plastics industry will march towards lightweight, functional, ecological and intelligent!

According to the analysis of "China's Modified Plastics Industry Production and Sales Demand and Investment Forecast Analysis Report" released by the Qianzhan Industry Research Institute, modified plastics companies can start from the following six aspects in improving intelligent manufacturing.

First, start with the overall plant planning. Modified plastic intelligent manufacturing upgrade is a systematic project, including factories, workshops, equipment, production lines and other levels. Therefore, in the process of intelligent manufacturing upgrade, it is necessary to start with the overall planning of the factory and optimize the configuration of all levels and links.

Second, make good use of automated control equipment in key production links. The key links in the production of modified plastics include screw combination arrangement and optimization, and the operation of automatic control equipment for batching and feeding. The use of intelligent equipment can improve efficiency and avoid production errors.

Third, the production process is visualized. After the intelligent upgrade, the personnel is greatly reduced, but a dedicated person is required to observe the production process to prevent abnormal situations from occurring. At this time, it is necessary to realize the visualization of the production process to facilitate the observation and monitoring of relevant personnel.

Fourth, realize online monitoring and monitoring during the production process. In order to improve the high-quality frequency of products, it is necessary to monitor the color difference, moisture, impact strength and other product performances in the production process online, as well as real-time monitoring of temperature, pressure, speed and other parameters.

Fifth, establish a process database. By collecting, storing and analyzing data such as process parameters and equipment operating status, remote monitoring can be realized, the traceability of quality control can be ensured, and the production process can be predicted, optimized and controlled.

Finally, establish a workshop-level industrial Internet. Through the interconnection of various systems, the integration of the production process is realized, and the production mode of modified plastics is fundamentally changed, thereby maximizing benefits.

After years of rapid development, modified plastics have been widely used in many fields, and a number of advanced modified plastics companies have been born. But overall, the level of my country's modified plastics industry still lags behind the international giants, especially in terms of intelligence. Therefore, my country's modified plastics enterprises urgently need to improve the level of intelligent manufacturing, optimize the entire production and manufacturing process, increase the rate of product quality, and enhance market competitiveness in order to narrow the gap with international giants.

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